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Conversation Between Sympathy and ChibiLovett

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  1. no problem.
  2. Holy jeez, dude. o.O Well thank you very much. ^.^
  3. life's pretty up and down, always been that way. just gotta roll with it. have 50,000 gil
  4. Oh, I get that one, believe me. My life keeps getting way bad or way good, there is no in between anymore, and it mostly seems to be the former. x.x I always get worse if I shut myself away, though, especially online. Irl I don't have much of a choice unless I want to deal with my negative-as-hell grandmother that does nothing but mope and complain or other family members that only cause me even more stress since I only have like one friend around here that I care to be around at all that's got a ridiculously full work schedule. All my actual friends are where I moved away from, which I will thankfully be moving back to hopefully within the next year. I also don't think I'll ever fully figure things out. But hey, maybe life will surprise us.
  5. aye, i did the same for a while. returned to AF and some other places pretty recently, but i don't think i'm in the right mindset for such a laid back, light-hearted forum. i don't know if i ever will be. life goes from care-free to heavy-as-elephant-tits then back again on the regular right now. like i just wanna shut myself off from people until i figure things out, if that ever happens.
  6. Yeahhhhh. Life got busy and I kinda disappeared from most places online for a long time. ^^; It's still a bit chaotic, but I wanted to start getting back on them at least once in a while.

    Anyhoooo. Not much at the moment. Just working on an XPS project my friend asked me to do. :3 What about you?
  7. hey, noticed you were online. it's been a long time. what's up?
  8. Hm. I suppose that makes sense, though you don't really have a choice so it would make sense that it would become top priority.

    Sounds like that'll definitely help!

    My step-mom is medicated and she's fine when she actually takes her pills. The problem is that she's not always very good at taking them. The time we had to call the cops twice in one night was after she missed taking them for two days. Honestly I think she has more issues than she's been diagnosed with just because of how extreme she gets when she does snap. How this woman is still walking free is beyond me, quite honestly.

    My mom has overcome a serious prescription drug addiction, to put it simply. So a relapse is always possible. God my life in the last few years sounds like a bad Lifetime movie. >.<
  9. well it sounds like we're both in better places. the thought of being on my own scared me too, until i was forced out of my comfort zone. now it's my top priority.

    there's a girl that comes to the shelter on tuesdays that helps people get into subsidized housing. basically i'd only have to pay 30% of my paycheck, and the program the girl works for pays the deposit and first month's rent, so i'm desperately waiting to talk to her. i want my own place so bad i can taste it.

    yeah i don't know my mother's specific diagnosis, but i've seen her without her meds and it's not pretty. major depression is a part of it i'm sure. and bipolar isn't the debilitating disease people make it out to be, i have a severe form and with medication i feel just fine.

    yeah that's what i was asking about.
  10. Ugh. A character limit and someone who rambles like I do are not a good mix. >.< lol

    I was happy to get out of my dad's, but I don't want to leave where I am. I like it. It's stable (generally). It's comfortable. I don't have to pay rent. Honestly the thought of being on my own scares me. >.<

    Do you mean the threat I mentioned? And I don't mind you asking much of anything. I don't hide much, even though I probably should at times. ^^;
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