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Conversation Between Aries and RyuTama

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  1. wth you didn't even change it D:

    I sent you a kinda sorta probably half-assed Asgore render though
  2. Guh

    I'm already working on an Asgore picture but I doubt it would work out as an avatar. I'll try starting another one. It might just be a cute one though not a super awesome cool one because I'm lazy. Butjustsoyouknow
  3. Yeah, Blooky would be cool. Or Asgore. Asgore would probably be pretty badass actually.
  4. It's my avatar on UPN, you can't has. >:I

    I can try making another one for you tho. Another Blooky?
  5. Did you want me to change it back, Lol? Or did you just want me to use a signed version of it or something.
  6. Yeah that dummy got me a couple times too. Not that hard after a while though.

    You see what happens when you don't have a solid relationship with caffeine? You suffer from things like... tiredness and feeling sleepy. Git gud.
  7. Well I had some extra money so I figured why not. I'm kinda stuck at the dummy with the rockets, but I'm going to worry about that tomorrow. I'm so tired, how do you even manage to do this on a regular basis? You caffeine fiend.
  8. Well damn, I didn't think you'd really play it or else I wouldn't have kept making references to it. xD; I mean it's not like I've spoiled a lot but shiieet. You made it sound like you weren't interested you fool.
  9. I've had it for a while actually, but I just started playing it last night. I'm not that far yet though.
  10. Wait... You're into it now too? Since when? o.o

    And shut up, nerd.

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