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Conversation Between RyuTama and Sensaina

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  1. I haven't been online in a looooong time. sorry.
  2. Hey dood
    How come I ain't able to get a hold of you on Kik?
  3. Feel free to check my latest blog post and PM if you really want to...
  4. Ah yeah, High School can have some of the worst times. It would be best if you could talk to friend or teacher you trust about it, or maybe even a school counselor if it's that bad. If you haven't tried already anyway; I know not all schools have the most stellar of staff members. [personal experience]

    I won't pry though if you don't wanna talk about it, but you're welcome to PM me about something if you're feeling down.
  5. A sophomore in high school, yeah. I really don't like talking to people about it, so I'm glad only two people saw my blog post. But anyway yeah, I kind of had a breakdown yesterday so I had to post about it. uvu
  6. Oh I see. A big part of the forum has dealt with bullying at one point, myself included, and for similar reasons as yours. It's not stupid that you wanna talk about it, actually it's one of the best things you could do. It's good that you're not trying to deal with it by yourself. You're in High School I take it?
  7. Which thread? The one about talking?
    Well just. It actually relates to the blog post I made yesterday. I know it sounds so stupid but people are bullying me and I haven't dealt with bullies since like, elementary school. It's really hard for me cause while I have been teased about being gay in the past it wasn't bullying because it wasn't constant. I used to cut, so i really can't handle things like this well, talk about a crazed mental state. Sorry for ranting at you about it. ;;
  8. Yehh I know that feel, haha. I once had Attack on Titan on TV while my mom was over, and she was like "I worry about your mental health, you're going to end up with a twisted mind". Not to mention, my dad is hardcore religious and conservative, so anything that's not PG or below is too evil to be seen in his presence, lel.

    Btw, I saw your thread. You might get a mod come by and tell you it's more blog-material, since it's not really a topic meant for open discussion. What's the matter?
  9. In my current situation, I only have ready access to anime on Netflix. My parents don't really like anime that much. =_=

    And yeah! Gowther is freaking adorable ^w^ Merlin barely showed up in the anime and I was like "wtf rly".
  10. Ya I know it's not that long, but so are most of the other anime I need to watch. Decisions decisions~.

    And awesome! I've been seeing it mentioned more often lately which is cool. I need to read the manga since I'm not sure if/when a second season is coming out. Gotta see more of Merlin and Gowther~.
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