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Conversation Between Kaitou Ace and Scruffy

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  1. Did my thread trigger you?
  2. I am really not opposed to it, and you are still making your argument to me here. Or you can PM me, or even come into chat if you want, I am not that hard to find O_o;

    I have a few reservations with it, but if it works well, I will be as happy as anyone, I just don't think the best start is via a thread in video gaming, which I think is a bit different from a "no, go away" statement.
  3. Closing the thread gave me no way to further prove why it deserves a thread.

    I seriously don't understand why everyone is so opposed to it. There's no point in even making it anyways since you all seem extremely against it.
  4. More then half the thread was an argument between about three people on something that had nothing to do with the original topic at hand, closing it seemed like the better option. And as I said, I don't disagree that it can work, and I actually think you would be more exposure in the blogs, initially at least.
  5. I find it unbelievably appalling that I have to debate for hours and hours, defending myself and my thread that was intended to BENEFIT the community and the Video Games forum. That's pretty ridiculous, man. I also find it appalling that you locked the thread because of one fiasco which everyone ignored and moved past. :/
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