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Conversation Between SuXrys and Sizary Momo

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  1. So.... you want me to call you un-cute? O_o *confused*
  2. I'm not cute. T^T
  3. Yay! Found it. ^^ *kisses your feets in awe*

    Pffss, it's nothing wrong with being a little sensitive. That just makes one cute. Just like that pony Fluttershy from Friendship is magic. So not to worry, if you gets sad - you can cry on my shoulder. Or... well, atleast over-the-internet-crying-on-the-shoulder since we live so far apart. Godness Jesus, thinking about it, we are living really far away from eachother. O__o *eye twitching when suddenly realizing this*
  4. On ur profile there's a button on the corner of the text box that
    says Customize Profile. Click it!!! >3<

    Well compared to other kids my age i'm sensative. If you say
    "What's up with your shoes?" I get offended and feel like they
    don't like me. >.> It's weird.But that only happens with people
    that i don't know. :P
  5. Which corner? ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
    Can't.. find.. anything.. ;-; *sob sob*

    What do you mean with weakest? o_o
  6. On the corner of ur profile there's a box that says Edit profile
    click that and put in the image url where it says Page Background

    And yes i' hoping to move but not to a different state.
    even if it's violent here i at least want to be in the same state
    so i can see my ma when i'm older. :3
    & compared to other kids that live here i'm the weakest. o_o
  7. Momo, I request some help! How do you do now again when you want to change the background/color exc on your wall? I don't remember how.. ;-;
  8. Oh sweet Jesus

    You brave brave young woman *puts my hands on your shoulders*
    Do you want to move away in the future or do you want to stay since you have lived there for so long?
  9. I hear probably 2 or 3 gunshots a week. Getting kinda use to it. :/
    And when i have to walk home i have to pass 2 houses where murders
    have been done.So now my ma just picks me up or i just walk with my
    friend home. And yes i am kinda scared but i've lived like this for every 14 years
    of my life so it's normal i guess.The scariest thing that's happened in my neighborhood
    was when i was i think 10 and i heard a woman at night yell "Help me!" then a
    big car screech.I just tried to go back to sleep.Yep that's the world
    i live in... :/
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