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Conversation Between rikumi and SigmaSD

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  1. *evil grin* *smirks* Yesh yesh and once that is completed our plan will be set into motion. hehehe....
  2. It's a great opportunity to confuse other people about myself since it's been quite some time since I've last been around. *snickers* It's show time! Muakakakakakah
  3. Hehehehe!!!! But wait...compared to you Siggy is jut mild and boring. =/ But people did confuse me in the roommate thread. lolzy.
  4. Heed my mischievousness! XD lol Just to confuse people. Uh, I have a female username, but my gender is male. HOW confusing! *laughs off in an evil manner*
  5. Awesome. =3 =3 Wait soo...why'd you display gender?
  6. Eheheh Sure <3
  7. Aww, you have to wait till next yarh??? Awwsies!!! Oh well, maybe later or some day if we meets you can give me autograph but written in gold?
  8. Yeah XD That'll have to wait for next year too, coz I don't have a recorder now and am getting an iPhone next yarh. =/
  9. Yesh yesh you do, otherwise how I get autography. *nod nod*

    OMG OMG OMG maybe Siggy can hear your voice so when Siggy watches anime or something Siggy can be like "OMG that's him!!!!"
  10. I'm going to audition for the AVEX international entertainment company in Japan. I'll be doing MC course and voice acting course first I think. Hope that they will accept my voice. =] And of course I can give you my autograph 8D! I'll really have to fix my scanner then. lol
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