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Conversation Between Aranneas and Kokorokisses

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  1. Thanks, that's what I was hoping for

    I just finished Clannad After Story today, actually. And yes, I loved it. I'll give the other ones a try
  2. Well I was going to reccomend Clannad but you already seen it. Have you seen the second season of clannad called Clannad After Story? After story really touched my heart and I really love it. Alice 19th is also good but I'm not sure if it's only a manga. There's also Fruits Basket, but there's some humor there and you said you don't like comedys so I guess you wouldn't like that one. Full Moon wo Sagashite is also a good romance anime but it's a manga too. Ugh... I'm sorry I'm not good at reccomending stuff. Here are some other romance anime you can check out:

    Tsubasa Chronicles
    Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
    Oh My Goddess

    I hope this helps~
  3. A rec is a recommendation.

    What's on that page is a list. Based on that list I thought you might be able to recommend something. I've looked through quite a few lists already; I'm looking more for something like a 'oh it sounds like you might enjoy Show X because you said you like Y but not Z'.
  4. What's a rec? And I'm not sure if you would like what I watch. But if you want to see my favorite anime go here: and below about the stuff about me is the anime.
  5. Alo!

    Just saying hi.

    Also kind of wondering if you could help me out. You seem to like a lot of different Romance anime and your other tastes seem more or less to fall in line with mine. I'm trying to get into the genre but have only found a couple that stand out for me so far (Clannad, Eureka Seven, Kimikiss). I strongly dislike harem and ecchi-type stuff and most (but not all) comedy. Might you have a rec or two?
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