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Conversation Between Scruffy and konataforever

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  1. Sorry went to bed and ended up not being online. I'm about to add you right now.
  2. You didn't add me~
  3. Alright sounds cool. Private message me your Skype and I shall add.
  4. I can't guarantee I'll come back here often to reply...if you want I could give you my Skype so we can talk there.
  5. I know how you feel. I read a thread I posted 4 years ago and I wanted to hit my head against my desk. My grammar was horrible. Nice to look back on things though...
  6. Yeah, we talked for like a few messages like...four years ago? Lol.

    Looking back on my messages back then were honestly so cringeworthy...I talk nothing like that now, thank god.

    Anyways I'm just busy with schoolwork as of late. Too many papers to write. Guess that's the struggle of being an English major. How about you?
  7. Nothing much. Saw your profile, thought I should say hi. What's up with you?
  8. Yo. What's up?
  9. Hello Scruffy~
  10. Haha, I have to admit..I HAVE TO BE THE WORSE CANADIAN EVER XDD I hate sports (especially hockey) I dont ride polar bears, hate being outside if theres nothing to do annddddd I wish I lived in japan xDDDD
    Ive been watching shanedawson LMAO SHANAYNAY IS SO HALARIOUS XDD
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