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Conversation Between animeyay and ZombieWolf2508

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  1. NIME! I'm bringing Wolf back with a Vanilla game if you're interested.
  2. Your avatar is epic, by the way. If I was a Charizard, that's EXACTLY what I would do with my tail xD
  3. Wolf XXII has begun!
  4. I was gonna go for Raiden, but all I could think for a hint was Elder God >.< So I figured IĄd hint for something that fit my situation.
  5. oh yea, fakeclaiming is easy, especially when you claim a power role~
    I was expecting a power role claim from you, but who'd know it was my role lol
  6. What's funny, though, is the fact taht I had just explained exactly what I was doing and how easy it is to fakeclaim xD
  7. I know!!!!! must be fate~
  8. Haha, the town was after you anyway xP

    But seriously...

    What are the odds that I chose YOUR role?? xDDD
  9. man, if only I didn't clarify that hint. oh well, 'twas good!
    I shall see you in the next game? (after I finish observing this game as a ghost, that is lol)
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