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Conversation Between Nodoka LaMei and Luchia-sensei

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  1. Okay, I'll take on your advice! Thanks so much for telling!
  2. It is, but the manga is honestly better. The first season is good until about episode 15, the second season it depends on the person watching but a lot of people don't really like it (including myself), and Book of Circus as well as Book of Murders are amazing. They're slowly adapting the manga arcs into anime versions, so keep an eye out for those. If you get the chance, definitely read the manga, it's worth it once you get to some of the later arcs.
  3. Oh, thanks for telling! I've heard of Black Butler, but never watched it. Is it good?
  4. Ah, that's Sascha and Rudgar, the German shinigami from the Black Butler manga. The image was on the back of one of the manga volumes!
  5. Nothing special, but I was wondering. Who is on your profile picture?
  6. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, what's up?
  7. Hello, Nodoka?
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