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Conversation Between .Miki~ and RyuTama

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  1. :3 I've been fine! been kinda stalking the forums a bit,
    But I have been alive How has papa Ryu been?

    *rolls around for no reason*

    How hast thou been?
  3. <3~~
  4. INORITE. I'm glad that you're back, omg. @@ Y u no log on AF now and then if you were always in your room? xD Jkjk, I get into those catatonic phases while I'm gaming sometimes too.. ._.; Has everything else been okay though? o.o Just wanting to make sure~.

    Do you know what courses you're gonna take? =3 I've been busy with college and tutoring stuff the past few months, but it's not too hectic (usually). :x IMISSEDYOUTOOdshFDfghjsaefjk. Sorry for not being on MSN, my computer won't launch any chat clients for some derp reason. :c
  5. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!! @[email protected] <3
    I have been alright ^^;; kinda in my own little world the last several months. Gaming, just sitting... in my room.. but thats about to change because I am going back to uni in January ^^ yay for this chick.
    HOW ARE YOU?! It has been ages D: I missed yewww
  6. *deep inhale* *another deep inhale* MIKIIIIIIIIIIIIII~~!!! ;A; <3

    How hast thou been lately? We haven't spoken in ages. >:I
  7. <3 :3
  8. ohh?~ i saw that there was a game of wolf going on. i may have to go take a look at what is going on
  9. Wha huh? Coffee always sounds amazing. ALWAYS, I say. ಠ_ಠ

    I dunno, my home PC is running really slow lately, I'm not even able to run any decent emulators, and my music and videos skip a lot. :c

    Well I'm too occupied with Wolf to worry about any of that anyway, buuut... xD
  10. goodness, coffee sounds AMAZING right now.
    so like, we got new internet, and it is crazy fast, and it is so much better than our old internet, and I have no idea what to do first @[email protected]
    any ideas?
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