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Conversation Between mimiruchan and Infinita

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  1. I love to go with friends or family traveling. I don't think I have the guts to go on my own even though it would be so much fun.
    It's most definitely real. I already have so many trips in mind for the next 5 ish years. I just need the funds. lol
    I've never been to Otafest. I have heard about it from my best friend but never went. She's the cosplayer. lol I'm the one that will wear merchandise or a cute cat ear hat. lol
    I have no idea when Otafest is or where it is. lol.....I just googled it...It's a bit of a distance away...and it's the long weekend....hmmm....that's cutting close to my may be something I will have to consider in the future for sure.
    There's a lot of prairie and a lot of trees up here. lol :3
  2. The program is extremely hard. I almost have no time to really do anything but work, do school work, eat and sleep. If I want to go to the movies or out with friends, I have to manage my time wisely.
    I did a few forensic science courses in high school and I loved it. I watched tv shows all the time and documentaries. I think since I was 11, I knew I wanted to be a forensic scientist. It wasn't until I started doing my research that it doesn't really pay to be one in Canada and it's not cheap to go to school for it.
    Ah...that sounds incredibly depressing that you have to wait certain semesters to do certain courses. That's a bit of a bummer. That sounds pretty cool though that you want to work with the environment!
  3. Ahhh I'm jealous your going to Europe. I was in Cuba last summer....this year solo trip to San Fran, figured I would venture out alone XD
    I know the feeling though, the travel bug is realll 0.0

    Hmm I've never been to Animethon although its not far XD I'm going to Otafest this year though
    If you go you should message me! I'll be going with a friend who cosplays Otome characters XD
    Also, have some friends who are selling in artist alley :3

    Man you must be in the prairies XD I don't even know whats up there lol!
  4. Ah cool! CPA hahah my ex was a CPA....was getting his CFA....seemed to like it...good group of friends from it too. I can imagine it being super hard ><
    Forensic sciences would be interesting XD I know a lot of people from my junior high/high school who thought of that because of CSI XD

    Geology is a 4 year program...I have my options done, just need to complete calc, chem and physics 1 and 2....and then my 2nd 3rd and 4th year geo courses. It sucks, because I can't take a bunch in on sem (only offer it on certain semesters...or I could be done faster)....I'm debating doing my masters. As for geo...I'm doing the hydrogeology stream....want to work with the enviro.
  5. Is the geology program a degree so four years or is it longer than that?
    That's awesome! I wish I had super exciting plans. I have the major travel bug, I just want to go everywhere. lol My family and I have plans to go to Europe next year for a wedding. I'm pretty stoked to go!
    Yay for awesome real conversations!
    I would like to go to some cons this year and years to come but there aren't really any big cons where I live. I have to travel South to go to the bigger ones. I have been to Animethon once and it was awesome! I haven't gone the last few years because I would always have other plans that specific weekend. I think that would be cool if we ran into one another and didn't know. lol :3
  6. Oh sorry! I don't think I was too clear about my last message. Lol I meant that I was still working on my education like obtaining more education. I am actually currently working on obtaining my CPA. I want to be a certified accountant. I've been working on it since last September and it's a lot of work and it's hard. lol
    Oh wow! That's pretty cool! When I was younger, I know that I wanted to be a forensic scientist specializing in chemical analysis but changed to wanting to be an accountant in high school.
  7. Ah, that's awesome! What kind of teacher do you want to be? (Grade wise)
    My sister just entered in to university for a teaching degree...she's a geologist XD she wants to be a teacher now though for elementary school and junior high lol

    I'm in geology and have about 3 years left to go XD (was in art school before I switched haha) that's awesome we are both students ^_^
    Same here....working and trying to enjoy the summer. Going to some music festivals and hanging with friends. Making plans to go to San Fran in August

    Yay for real conversations! haha

    Are you going to any cons in AB this year? It would be crazy if we ran into each other not knowing XD lol lol
  8. Lol! That is true! Most of our chatting has been through your blogs!
    Well, Hello Mimiruchan! lol
    Oh no problem! I understood how you felt because I had been in a similar situation but not quite the same.
    I am doing very well! I'm still working on education and going to be done in a little over two weeks. I am working as usual and trying to enjoy the summer as much as I can.
    How about you? :3
  9. Hey! Long time no chat - considering our chatting is via blog comments XD
    Thought I'd actually write and say hi hahah
    Thanks again for your supportive words ^^; hope you're doing well!
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