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12-24-2010, 06:46 AM
Hey this is my first review its on sora no otoshimono first and second season.

Lets get started
Ikaros: Angelroid from Synapse she is the uranus queen, a killing machine.
Nymph: Angelroid from Synapse she is a beta.
Astrea: Angelroid from Synapse is the strongest of them all, but the dumbest. Baaka!
Sakurai: He is a normal school boy with a moto Peace and quite.
Soraha: Sakurai's Childhood friend.
Sugata: Professor, who is friends with Sakurai,Soraha and prez. and is bent on discovering the new world.
Prez(bigshot): she is friends with Sakurai, Soraha and Sugata. she is the daughter of the town mafia, she owns an inn and other industries.

Plot of Sora no otoshimono Season one.
Tomoki Sakurai is a young man whose motto is "Peace and quiet is the best", but he finds it difficult when he has to put up with a next door neighbor with a killer karate chop, an eccentric scientist bent on discovering the "New World", and a borderline sadist. One day, while he was witnessing a strange anomaly in the sky, a UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) falls from it. What falls from the sky is an Angeloid named Ikaros, who soon becomes Tomoki's servant.

Plot of Season two.
Another angel has fallen from synapse and has orders to kill Sakurai.
Story 10/10
What i think of this anime, when i think about it i think about all the funny scences in it the story whats going to happen next it just keeps me thinking. Pervy anime of the century.

Characters 8/10
All of them are funny in there own way.
i rated it 8 because you guys haven't seen it and won't understand how good it is so if i rate it 10/10 i would have to keep going on how good it is.

Art/animation 10/10
Its chibi its everything the artist has put alot of work into these from the face down to the breasts. the way they talk act especially the angel emotions its crazy.

Voice acting/music
All perfect music goes along with it just like naruto.

Overall 9/10
First episode tells you whats happening 2nd is where it starts, i am a huge fan of this anime.

02-03-2011, 07:42 PM
Character 9/10
The character for the angels have an extraordinary basic form, they all an angeloid (normally is humanoid), plus sugata and tomoki personality are funny and entertaining !
I already watch the anime and read the manga, both of them is just perfect, and seriously really entertain me ~

Artwork 10/10
I must admit it, the art is a vital point in the anime for me. Many years has passed and anime artwork more and more ... crystal !
i mean, yeah the art is great, with each angeliod skinship and both sohara and prez too.
And great too for the real form of tomoki (he's really rare in his AD Form) .

Music 7/10
The OP, ED, and Insert Song is fine combined with a lot of fanservice (i like it).

Overall 10/10
I think this anime is perfect for the people who want an anime with comedy, fantasy, and mecha genre combined into one pack.
And it's really have a sad scene in the last episode of 1st season ...
I like the comedy, fantasy genre a lot so this anime is perfect for me ~