View Full Version : Kaitou Kid's review on Animal Crossing: City Folk

09-22-2010, 02:14 PM

It shares the same gameplay as it's two previous installments. Animal Crssoing it's an opportunity to take a virtual life in a town that is populated with animals. Animal Crossing takes place in real time, and it reflect by the current day or season. You can perform various activities such as fishing, bug hunting, collecting items etc. Because it's virtual world, you will also have to pay for a house loan and do certain jobs to acquire money.

Your house, will have two floors initially, one is the living room and your room. You may place items in it, just as in your real home.

There's certain shops were you may decorate your own shop line, or make your own town's flag and theme song.

Like the second installment, the ability to go Wi-Fi, and opportunity to go to your friend's town and do tasks or activities together!

Since you have the ability you enhance the looks of your house, you could always depend on the Mall's Furniture Store to buy the fanciest fortune you can find! There's a huge variety, such as sofas, desks, wallpapers, carpets and a lot more! In the Mall, there's many locales, such as a bank, fortune teller, make-over and such. In the bank, you may store huge the money you can't carry in your pockets up. The Fortune teller will tell you what may happen and if it happens (such as your friend will plant an apple in your town) you will receive good luck. Unlike the other two titles, in the Make-Over locale, you have the ability to use your Mii as a face.


Concept: it's like living in a virtual world, in a town full of Animals as neighbors. And you you have the ability to perform a variety of activities.

Sound: For a game like Animal Crossing, the soundtrack that it uses fits the theme and the environment really well.

Gameplay:Simulate life in a virtual town with limited activities such as fishing, bugs catching, collecting items and such.

Replayability Value: High