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Permission granted by Fabala: Part 1

This is a thread dedicated to writers who want to learn to write correctly, from scripts to novels, to even a radio story. If you have any questions please personal message me and I'll answer it to my best of my ability.



Accountability to copyright

Belonging to a writers group
Being fun


Dud stories
Drunk not an option



FAQ Corner:

Q) What can language do for me?
A) Can evolve your personality and make you grow emotionally. You can start communicating with people much easier and academically raise your knowledge in subjects and working environment. Also you can think more clearly and you can study better by understanding words to the maximum of your ability.

Q) My projects makes me feel uncertain of myself and makes me scared, how will you get to help us with teaching us to be more confident.
A) First off imagine this: Your in a film theatre and someone stomps on your foot, what will you do? Imagine who it might be, would it be someone important, an old lady or a guy with three friends trailing behind him. How did you react? Or would you never be found dead in a theatre, the choice is yours to make sure you improve in yourself. By pushing your boundries.

Q) How long have you been writing? Are you published?
A) I've been writing for 11 years, I'm going to be published soon-- just editing my last draft.


Thinking Clearly:

First off I'm going to teach you how to start thinking more clearly. Push yourself to read 40 pages in a book-- each two to three hours. Read really really fast, even if you have to reread twice, you can start off slow, but you have to understand the words. Search the dictionary occasionally.


There is a difference between philosophy and thinking skills in the practical use. What you like thinking about? Answer?

Errors in thinking:

Groups: Partialism, Time Scale, Egocentricity, Arrogance and conceit, Initial judgment from page 67-76

This is a mindmap for creative writing in a novel.


People who haven't been trained in thought only think of 4-5 answers for each question. Like lets say for instance, Sally is moving away and her parents wants to take her with them, but she wants to stay at her old school. Most people would think of staying with her grandparents at her old school, go with her parents to a new school, Beg her parents not to go. That is three, a normal person would only think of three answers, but someone who has been trained will know how to answer all the possibilities: with 13-15 answers.

If you don't ask a question you will be seen as an ignorant student, ignorance is often the first step you take into education, asking questions will often make you grow. Learn to listen and relate. Try to understand words, it requires emotional strength. Who of you has seen the series “Numbers”? A character uses mathematics in order to “see clearly”.
Perception are often used in it, it is a direct attention to the information, to put information together, to abstract certain things, to make predictions and so on.

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Q: I have a weight problem, I can't seem to stop snacking, and I gain weight and it usually puts me down when I want to write a Autobiography about myself, or even think of going to the public for publishing my story. Any suggestions?
A: Eat healthy-- in the morning eat oatmeal, there is a pill that helps with weight loss, its called “Apple Cider”-- it supports a healthy metabolism and weight loss. It comes from Lifestyle Nutrition, 60 capsules. The cheapest you can find is going for R27. These pills are different it is to keep you healthy when you drink two in the morning each day, and if you drink 6 capsules a day and work out you'll lose those extra pounds

Q: What is the correct format for a script
A: Ask the producer to send you a script in which you can look at to see how it should look like, in what format. So a script usually has speaking words in the dead center, and as well as the name of the character is in the center, but in All CAPS.

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I need help basically everything

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A writer needs to master a lot of skills, not only writing skills but also many others. In my opinion, writers who refer to philosophy are great, for Philosophy is so hard that several can understand.

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True kellylife, I've been writing on the next part of this, hope you continue to enjoy this. Hello ultimate kanna warrior, I'll help you as soon as I'm finished writing the basics. :)