View Full Version : Need some help regarding which anime to watch next.

en snabb fråga
07-07-2010, 04:30 PM

I've recently tried to find a good anime to watch and I did try a few recommended by my friends although nothing has been interesting so far. That's why I decided to register here and hopefully I'll find something that will keep me entertained for more than a few episodes. I'm looking for something serious although it can have a few moments, It doesn't have to be about robots but I like mecha, LOT'S OF ACTION! I did like death note but the lack of action made it a bit boring. I've also watched Neon genesis evangelion which was awesome but it gave me a headache with it's confusing story. Tengen toppa gurren lagann was way less serious than I would want but still a good anime. The anime I liked the most was by far Code Geass so something similiar would be great! It would make me very happy if anyone could recommend me a anime that fits that description.

+ Mecha, A serious story, Epic moments and amazing fights!

Thanks in advance,
En Snabb Fråga