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07-05-2010, 01:07 AM
Ok, here is the deal. I am looking for an anime series that is very Martial Arts centric. I am a big Street Fighter fan & recently saw the animated movie which i enjoyed. I want something similar and hopefully better. Cowboy Bebop & Hellsing are the only other anime series i have seen and i enjoyed both. I want something along those lines but with more fighting and martial arts.

Some guidelines...

1. I want a series with several seasons under its belt or fully completed.
2. I would like to avoid shows which are better suited for young kids. (I am 26)
3. No nudity please.
4. Something thought provoking and complex would be a big bonus.

Thank you in advance, i don't know much about the anime scene so i really need the help you dig?!?! :ninja:

07-05-2010, 08:45 AM
A fighting anime not for young boys!?


The best I can say would be Baki the Grappler.

07-05-2010, 11:18 AM
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi - For all ages, but anyone into fighting anime should give it a watch.
Shadow Skill TV - Fighting is the Main Focus but they do have abilities.
Fist of the North Star - This one is really old (1988) but is considered to be one of the best fighting anime of all time.

That's all I can think of that's strait up hand to hand combat based. You could always try Dragon Ball Z but they're constantly doing things like throwing energy balls and the like. And if you watch the original, battles are filled with things like characters screaming for five episodes while they "power up".

07-05-2010, 12:34 PM
yu yu hakusho for sure

07-05-2010, 12:36 PM
I thought of that, but they're constantly using energy attacks.

07-05-2010, 03:57 PM
If YuYu Hakusho is allowed, then I HIGHLY reccomend it.

Does Samurai Champloo fall under that category?

The Butcher
07-05-2010, 04:52 PM
Black Lagoon for adult action.

Outlaw Star is always compared to Bebop,so you should love it.

07-05-2010, 06:46 PM
Outlaw Star is always compared to Bebop,so you should love it.

By people who never watched it.

The two couldn't be more different. Still, both are fantastic series.

07-05-2010, 06:51 PM
Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Gonna look all these up and see which one peaks my interest.