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06-13-2010, 04:36 AM
Link to lyric: http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/yyh/shisenjounoaria.htm

Sorry to create a new thread for this, but the old thread was closed. Makes sense, it's been over a year. -_-;

My post from a year ago read:

In the Yu Yu Hakusho section there is a song titled "Shisenjou no Aria", aria of my eye. While some people debate over the correct reading, only a very few people refer to this song as "Shisenjou no Aria". The reading recognized by most people is "Manazashi no Aria", translated as aria of a glance.AzureDark wrote back:

The poster of the lyric did comment about it here.

The title of the song is given as 視線上のアリア. It doesn't say 'manazashi' if you read the kanji, but then again there are times when one kanji is given a completely different reading in furigana, a literature style called the figurative.

The only way to prove that 視線上 is read 'manazashi' is through scans of the booklet. I have checked with anison.info and the song corresponds to しせんじょう and not まなざし. Added to my own comment to the LJ post I linked above, where I suspect it is a smart pun, I am in favour of it being called 'Shisenjou no Aria', unless you direct me to the scans.I never responded to that, but I think there is decisive evidence that it IS meant to be read as 'manazashi' instead of 'shisenjou'. The kanji we're debating in the title of the song is actually used in the lyrics of the song twice. The kanji is read 'shisenjou' usually, but in the lyrics the pronunciation 'manazashi' is written next to it in parentheses. The lyrics are posted on-site here (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/yyh/shisenjounoaria.jis). If that doesn't suffice, you could always just listen to the song, where Hiyama Nobuyuki very clearly says 'manazashi'. Hope we've finally cleared everything up, and that the title will be fixed soon! :)

06-13-2010, 12:09 PM
The kanji we're debating in the title of the song is actually used in the lyrics of the song twice.
The kanji in the song is not 'shisenjou' but 'shisen'. I would have actually done the correction if the fact was otherwise. You also did not bother with reading the link I gave you, which was a discussion made by the submitter of the lyric, and she had disclosed that it should be read as so.

06-13-2010, 05:48 PM
I did take the time to read the link, thanks. It's not like I don't bother looking at the responses to my own questions. I still thought the title was wrong because save for the extra kanji in the title, it is consistently read as 'manazashi' in the lyrics. Since the title doesn't have a given reading, I thought it should be 'manazashi' given the contextual evidence. Besides which, I've never met anyone who recognized the song as 'Shisenjou no Aria'—even on the Japanese sites I used to visit it was given as 'Manazashi no Aria'.

But thanks for so kindly telling me how wrong I was to try and point out possible mistakes. I'll never do it again, promise.