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05-09-2010, 10:20 AM
Hi guys, greets from Italy.
As suggested by the title above, I'm planning to fill and fix the mentioned sections. I'll need you help, because I'm not good in japanese and I'm not interested in learning it, although I really want to improve your Fate/ sections.
(Anyway, I've passed the test, otherwise I wouldn't have sent any lyrics).
Getting back on topic:

In the Game section (http://www.animelyrics.com/game/fatestay):
Fate/Stay Night has only opening and ending. The ending is "Anata ga ita Mori", which is the one of the anime. A while ago I've sent the lyrics of "days" (true ending theme, full length version), but it's still under verification. When it will be confirmed, please remove "Anata ga ita Mori".
Later I'll try to provide: kanji for THIS ILLUSION, both kanji and romaji of "memory", "Over the Mountain" (Image Album), "Ougon no Kagayaki", "Link" and "Yume no Owari" (Réalta Nua, if needed we'll add a new section).

In the Anime section (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/fate_staynight) are missing:
Second ending "Hikari", kanji for "disillusion", all tracks from OAV ("disillusion ~2010~", "Kumo no Kakera", "With..."). There you won't need my help, the lyrics can be found online (also translated!).

*Important notes: all game tracks lyrics are difficult to find or actually inexistent. I'm using the japanese booklet of Fate/Recapture, which is a collection of all vocal tracks of released Fate games. So my problem is not in confirming kanji, but the way I transliterate them. Instead of doing like "days", I'll send you, before adding the track, the kanji version and a first transliteration of mine. If necessary I'm going to open another thread.