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Battler Ushiromiya
03-12-2010, 10:45 PM
A few things...
I need help in the rules, and game play as to balance it out.
How do you like it?
Comments, questions?

Name: ( I have nto amde one, feel free to take a shot. )
Sides: The Witch, and the players. ( I will change the names when i think of something better. )
*The Witch is against the players. The goal? Stop the players from solving the murders as the unfold. The witch side can be thought of as DM for those that know D&D, HOWEVER fairness is not the game. The witch has an advantage right from the start. They are there to WIN! Like a DM they make things happen.
* The Player are trying to do a few things. They can choose as well. At the start of the game they can be given a goal.
Prove billy is the killer. ( it does not matter if he is the killer but if they can prove it they win. It can be proven by solving X amount of murders out of X. lets say 3/4 of the murders. )
Now they can also win by catching the witch red handed or making it not possible for the witch to kill again. You can also catch the real killer by solving all the murders. This is the greatest victory you can have.

Note about sides: Both must choose someone that they will speak through. If that person is killed they are out of the game. This is another way to win.

How to solve rooms!!!
You are given cards that act as line of thought that might cross your mind. I will get to how to use cards more in a short while...
There many types of cards. I am still working on it.
You also have an X amount of investigations to use per room to gain clues and evidance. You must declare an item or person you wish to investigate. Investigation is still in need of help.
Card example.
lets say you come into a room with a 'locked room" senerio. Playing this will be helpful.
" Locked room thought
This allows you to find out what was used to make this lock room. "

In other words you save time, but that is not the only type.
The witch can use thier to shoot down your train of thought.
" Not 100%
Unless something is proven 100% then you may use this card to shoot down thier reasonning, and thoughts. "
the players also have cards to counter this.
" Conclusion
No matter what your train of thought if there is any chance it is possible then it will be accepted as the truth. "

Proof power
This is very much needed.
You get X amount per room.
When it is gone for the witch or players then the other side wins over that room. Player drain all the witch proof then the players solve the room.
It is drained from the witch by alots of evidance, and losing "trade offs".
It is lost by the players by losing "trade offs" with the witch. ( not sure what else yet. )

Trade offs
When the witch and players use thier cards to defeat the other. Someone wins a trade off by playing the last card that counters the train of thought before it.

Red letter rule! ( A certain anime made me put this in. )
This can only be used by the witch, and only once per game. When they declare they are using it then it must be the truth about one thing only. This can be used anytime.
the truth cant hurt? in this game it can.
if the players are trying to prove someone is the killer and have something wrong but might get it anyways the witch can declare this and save thier proof power, ect...

I am still working on this more.
I will edit and keep up to date.....