View Full Version : [Help - Mobile Phone] Can't upload ringtones

12-22-2009, 01:51 AM
Ok this one is off the beaten path so to speak.. I have an account on Phonezoo.com and one of the great/not so great percs is to make your own ring tones.. problem is when i send my made ring tones to my phone they come in as .gcb files instead of the normal ones.. Problem with my phone? website? or is there something i am not doing?? I know my phone can support it cause its a Blackberry World Edition (have no clue what the number is??) or maybe it cant?? idk help plz?

EDIT: since this might be an on going problem anyone have any recommendations on other ring tone creating websites? I love doing it cause most sites don't have my fave techno songs on them and even if they do they're not great quality.

01-31-2010, 01:29 AM
Its a file format specifically (I believe) for a program called Guitar Chord Buster. Which is a Windows program for authoring and playback of MIDI music. Basically its not even a audio format. So unless you get the program and save it into another file-type its just a waste of space.

You could always make your own ringtones with Audacity using legally purchased songs *wink wink*. Unless you prefer midis. *shudder*