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12-20-2009, 09:20 PM

Hi! Yes, we have hit SOTW 80. I actually didnt think the contest would last this long, and yet here we are, and now with the brand spanking new Battle of the Month. I just wanted to make a note on a few things.

1) Some people change their names WAY too much. Its hard to for me to keep track of who entered what, along with changing the badges to match every single time a name change happens (one person has changed their name some 5 times). The major flaw with this is not just the badge, but my PM box, which officially hit the 500 mark. So if your going to change your name, try to make it at least semi-permanent.

2) I recently got a PM suggestion for a Drawing contest, which shall be christened the Drawing of the Month (DOTM). so if you draw, or whatever, then its your lucky day, because starting January, that contest will be going up, and will give some more talents towards you.

3) I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS!!! The BOTM and the DOTM, and even the WOTM, have all be suggestions, along with many of the themes I use for the contests. So if you have an idea, I will create a suggestion thread for contests, themes, and other stuff.

Final thing, when you vote, YOU MUST state a reason. I always have to delete some person who just says, 'I vote for Entry A.' Or, 'Entry B.' I do delete posts, one for the violation of the rule, and the second for the fact that throughout the forum, there is what's known as the '4 word rule.' Meaning any post under 4 words gets an auto delete.

I wont exactly name who gets their posts deleted, but I will say that a person voted through a series of some 10 SOTWs and never once read the rules. Other people have gotten their post's deleted several times because their vote 'disappears.' And some brave people actually say 'I vote for them all!' or 'I vote for Entry C and D!.'

I am very happy to see a lot of really interesting votes that go into very extreme detail as to why they like what they see (i.e. Lovebeat, Cantelope, kudos to you guys). So thanks everyone for voting and participating, lets hit SOTW 100!!!

Signature of the Week #80 Theme

Theme: History

They say that a person’s life is determined by what mark he/she leaves on the pages of history. So who is it you look up to when you think of the past? This week’s them is history, and age no, age will not deter you here.


1) The signature must not be larger than "500x200" and no smaller than “350x80”. Any signature over the limit in either direction will be disqualified.
2) Animation may be used provided its size does not exceed 1MB
3) Check with Serated if you are unsure about "appropriate content" for this contest (E.G. no ‘H’ based images or anything too ecchi)
4) All entries MUST be in by 19:00 GMT (non-adjusted) Saturday, December 26th, 2009
5) All entries MUST be have “Animegalleries.net” on your entry signature. Entries that do not have this will NOT be part of the competition unless edited.
6) By entering, you are giving ‘Animegalleries.net’ irrevocable right to use your entry through site promotion and so on (Artists will still be credited).


1) You are only allowed to enter a signature that has been created by YOU and has not been used in any other competition or posted anywhere else on the internet. The signature should be made specifically for use only in that week's competition. Participants are entitled to submit ONE signature per competition. Any entry that has been ripped/stolen will be immediately disqualified.

2) Any reference to subjects like missed deadlines, entering, not entering, are NOT tolerated. It provides a clear indication of who may (not) be involved in the competition, while potentially 'giving away' entries. Disclosure of signature author, be it yours or another participants, will result in BOTH signatures being disqualified from the competition.

3) All comments regarding the SOTW competition should be made in the Theme Topic. Should you have any concerns or queries after the topic closure please contact Serated.

4) You are responsible for your entries arriving to Serated. Serated is not responsible for your entry not following any of the above rules or not following the theme. Your entry will be deleted without notification, so it is always good to double check your entry.

All entries and participants must abide by the aforementioned rules otherwise risk having their entry disqualified (incl. late or do not follow criteria of the theme).

All entries must be PMed to Serated by December 26th, all entries sent after will not be entered. Please label your message ‘SOTW #80 Entry.’

Stocks are optional.

12-21-2009, 12:26 AM
I plan on sticking with this name for a while, so in the future you can put Ellipsis on the badge. Since Ellipsis is my main name. (Not saying I'm gonna win or anything). But on to my question! Does (greek) mythology count as history?

12-21-2009, 08:11 AM
I plan on sticking with this name for a while, so in the future you can put Ellipsis on the badge. Since Ellipsis is my main name. (Not saying I'm gonna win or anything). But on to my question! Does (greek) mythology count as history?

I dont know, you've been winning a lot recently, maybe its a sign of things to come?

And yes it does. Aries, Zues, etc, those people are historical figures, even if they didnt really exist. But as I have said, the contest is completely open to your interpretation.