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01-29-2004, 03:57 PM
ok I now I have put a some things up about Inuyasha but this is just for fun I'll list the Q&A and all you have to do is tell me I'll then beable to tell you what Inuyasha character you most resemble remember its just for fun I'll also soon be coming out with what Inuyasha Villin are you quiz. B)

1. There is a new ( rather hot ) boy/girl in your class you...

: Introduce yourself and ask where they are from
: you don't pay any attention, your to busy sleeping
: you don't care, not every thing is about looks
: you are shy and dont even say hi to the person
: say hi but you dont do anything besides that
: you flirt, heck why not?
: you dont real care about dating or flirting

2. when you get home from school you...

: do your homework
: play video games
: go online
: go to your youth groupe or other religious events
: go to sleep
: go to a park with some friends
: read a good novel

3. some one spreads a rumor about you. you..

: ignore it, its probably true anyways
: find the person and talk it out
: are upset, but do nothing, violence is not needed
: find the person and start a fight
: who cares it we be forgoten in a week
: start a rumor behind thier back, see how they like it!
: you never find out about the rumor its not like anyone cares

4. you are asked to babysit a little girl, you...

: say the kid is old enough to watch her self
: I am not even mature enough to wach my self
: fine by me, kids are alright
: will there be money involved?
: kids dont consider me fun
: it's cool, I have lots of old toys hanging around, it could be fun
: Do I look like a babysiter?

5. your favorit snack is

: cookies and milk
: chips
: apples
: noodle sup
: last nighs pizza
: a sandwich
: I don't eat anything

6. your favorite day of the week is

: sunday
: monday
: tuesday
: wednesday
: thursday
: friday
: saterday

7. you favorite holiday is..

: new years
: valentine's
: easter
: july 4 th or any other natinal holiday
: halloween
: turkey day! ( lol )
: x-mas

8. what do you think of dating?

: its a waste of time
: its onlysadness waiting to happen
: I'll date some times but only if the feeling is mutual
: I'll never date
: I am not into that kind of stuff
: long term or short term?
: I am not allowed until I am sixteen

9. what is or was you favorit school subject?

: math
: english
: civilizations
: pe
: I don't or didn't like school
: science
: luch

10. I'm in or was in the _______ clique

: skater
: popular
: athletic
: not in one
: pretty people
: unique
: My own

remeber be honest about your disition
this is a great test\quiz its fun I found out I am most like Inuyasha
this qiuz has been brough to you by game master. have fun B)

01-29-2004, 04:06 PM
Can anyone say spam? *cough* reported *cough*

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I'll say it :D : spam!

gamemaster for such games is this forum (Miscellaneous): http://www.animeglobe.com/ubb/index.php?showforum=10

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its no spam crud its a joke quiz its fun thats all no harm honest i ll give anyone who whant's my friends sight for the official qiuz come on i hate negitve replys

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Yeah, but there exist other places on this forum for such games. Like I wrote before u can also visit Miscellaneous.

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For this kind of thing, please visit the misc forum at http://www.animeglobe.com . again, the URL for the misc forum is http://www.animeglobe.com/ubb/index.php?showforum=10

Stop the spamming. Also, read the rules of the forums so you dont get ban for repeatedly breaking the rules. Thanks!