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01-22-2004, 07:16 PM
Daichi : War of Planets - GM/ Manager Tora_no_unmei

01-22-2004, 07:35 PM
This rpg will seem much like an anime that some may know of, called Earthian where angels are sent to earth as point checkers of negative and positive traits of humans.

But my rpg has to do with the planet Daichi (Earth). Where groups from the planets Yachi (swamp), Hankou (Hostility) and Koudo (wasteland; barren) have sent forward groups to look over the Daichi to find anything useful within the planet that would help them if they do move there. But soon each planet meets their enemies from another planet and soon a war breaks out over who will win the planet since they've found the planet is perfect for each of them.

Now, the planets.

DaiChi- this planet is pretty much earth itself though this planets people notice things more, like actually notice differences in people(the ones from the other planets). The people here can be pretty much anything.

Yachi- this planet is pretty much all swamp and the only group who live there seem to be skinny from eating very little but still seem to survive no matter what and their hair all seems to be darker, muddy shades, their skin also dirty shades or pale, no tanning.

Hankou -In this land the people are always fighting and hostile toward each other. No one seems able to get along so war breaks out all the time and they've nearly destroyed their planet by now. This group can look nearly anything and they have many deadly weapons in their hands.

Koudo- This planet is a barren, rusty-red wasteland where nearly nothing will grow but the people still look healthy for strange reasons. It probably had something to do with the sun. Its never to hot or cool and the sun is always up at one point in the sky. No one is sure. But this group either has a dusty shade of red to their skin, or pale.

I tried to leave it open since there can be nearly any type of creature on DaiChi to a limit. But the others have a few borders. But if you guys want a specific creature, PM me about it first and I'll see what I think.

I want at-least four or five from each of the invading planets(Yachi, Hankou and Koudo) and maybe the same amount from DaiChi to defend their planet.
You can make up the ships that the invading planets come in but try to come as groups from your planets.

Try to give lengthy profiles with good information. At most, two characters each. And no god-powers.
I'm taking a char for DaiChi

I'll write up the DaiChi char now.

Name:Heizen (calm;cool;quiet) Karakaze (dry wind)

Age: 17

Appearance: Picture added..http://www.tuxedomask.com/bbs/uploads/post-9-1074610677.jpg

Planet: DaiChi

Clothes: Pretty much the outfit shown in the picture. The pants look the same as the tan top with blue stripes

Personality: Hes pretty nice but when it comes to protecting anyone he knows, he'll step up within moments to defend. He has an all around likable attitude unless you get on his bad side, then he'll be deadly silent around you for a long time

History:His history isn't well known since he pretty much just turned up in town one day. Some say hes part dragon since they insist that they've seen wings sprout from his back. But dragons or from far back in history and there are so few half dragons left on DaiChi that its strange to see even one whos 75% Dragon, 25% human.

Weapon of choice: A pair of katanas at his sides and three small daggers an ofcourse, dragon claws when hes mad enough.

And now I leave the rest of you to have fun with it. When we have one or two from each planet, maybe I'll start.

01-25-2004, 08:15 PM
I will now sneak into this..... :ph34r:

Name: Ryuzon
Age: 19

Appearance: A pic MAY come, It's not likely, Anyways, He wears Baggy clothes, and has white skin, slightly tanned. Ice Blue Eyes

Planet: Hankou

Clothes: He wears black Combat shoes, Black Baggy pants, A Black Shirt, and a Black Vest with nave lining over it. Has Black gloves on, and wears Sunglasses.

Personality: Quiet, very quiet. HE doesn't speak much, because there isn't really a reason to talk in Hankou. Although silent, he has a kind heart, even from such a hostile world, that wages war almost every day. His kindness is rarely shown, instead he puts on a brusque, mean attitude. Only if you really know him, which is no one, you know he's kind.

History: Very unliked on his planet, he was cast out for being too powerful for them to bear. HE was shunned by every other village, all for different reasons, most of them had to do with him being part fox. Even though it's 5%, and it's weak powers, a tail, and ears, no one will take him in, and never has. Whenever he had been spotted, he was shot at.

Weapons of choice: A Swallow hangs on his back, that has powers in it, because it was blessed by a powerful Fox, giving powerful shadow abilities, and he has multiple daggers hiden around, and a Titanium Sheet Metal Katana, that has been foldeed 3,000 times at the waist. Some weak Fox powers.
Name: Ryuji

Age: 18

Appearance: Also wears baggy clothes. Rather tan skin, also has Slighty spiked hair. Pale Yellow Eyes.

Planet: Daichi

Clothes: Baggy blue jeans, Tan Combat shoes, and wears chain mail, with a white shirt underneath. Also wears Black gloves, and also wears sunglasses, though a different kind. He usually has Black wings from his shoulders, and Black scales along his back.

Personality: His personality is optimistic. He always is smiling, and enjoys throwing out sarcasm. He is incredibly kind, and would never refuse a living creature help.

History: Born of a Dragon Father, and Human Mother, he never quite fit in. His name symbolizes that one day, he may be king of all dragons. His village still kept him, but the adults tenede to stray away from him, though the children always like him, so he grew up happy, and giving.

Weapon of Choice: He only has a couple of daggers, and a short sword right now, though he has ordered a Katana. Dragon powers.

01-26-2004, 03:05 AM
OOC: I love playing the righteous villain. And as well as that, i've added an extra dimension to the plot already.

The devoted Holy Warrior

Planet: Hankou
Age: 20

Personality: Open and friendly in nature, despite a very sharp tongue. Saigo loves to make sly, sometimes harsh remarks to others, friend or foe. But he is passionately loyal to Hankou and his church. He sees the doctrine of the church to be above all else.

Appearance: With long black hair tied back into a ponytail, which flows down to his shoulder. Saigo allows part of his hair to hang down over the left side of his face down to his cheek. Donned entirely in black, the official colours of Hankou. He wears a large black jacket with the mark of the self-devouring snake, the symbol of The Church, and of death and rebirth on his shoulder. He wears thick black boots and long black leather pants. On his left ear, he wears a silver earring with the church snake logo engraved upon it.

History: Saigo is a Shubarin of Hankou, a warrior priest of the Church. The Church hold much control over the central wester continents on Hankou and are effectively Government by protégée. Saigo’s mission is to rid the land of evil. In reality, he is a member of The Church’s private army. The Church has long since considered Daichi the Promised Land granted to them by Herald, the Goddess of Birth and Entropy.

Saigo has been sent on the expedition under Hankou’s banner as a representative of The Church. Although his real mission remains a secret, and unknown to the others. What part in the invasion does The Church truly have?

Weapons of Choice:
Herald’s Will: A thin rapier with a blade coloured bronze. The handle is red with the decorative shape of a snake swallowing its tail, the symbol of death and rebirth. The blade has been blessed by herald and can cut through any matter, and is effectively unbreakable.

Harbinger: A silver coloured pistol with a clip, which contain twenty rounds of slugs (Hard shells), which are blessed with a prayer to slay all enemies of the church. These blessed shells have a notorious effectiveness of wounds being quickly infected with severe gangrene and other such infections.

01-28-2004, 07:39 PM
Name: Kikei Khalil

Age: 17

Appearance: Her skin is a tint of red.(the picture at the bottom of the post will pretty much describe the rest of her)

Planet: Koudo

Clothes: A light red attire protects her from the sun, but for some reason she has always remained a light tint of skin.

Personality: She's very quite & keeps to herself most of the time, but is constantly seeking new ways to help people. Discovering the planet DaiChi was a breakthrough & she was more than willing to join the expedition. She spends the majority of her time burying herself in books; no specific type really. She's read fantasy novels to biographies of her planets past leaders, trying to learn from whatever she can read & observe.

History:Since she doesn't talk much, not much of known of her past, except that she was raised by her aunt & uncle because of a fatal disease that took her parents. Despise that, she was a very active person in her community & soon became a well known magical healer & medic from around her world. She still remained the very same introverted & content being she had been as a child, except now instead of being known as the strange child, she was known as Dr. Kikei Khalil.

Weapon of choice: Aurora, her staff, is used both in combat as well as aid in her healing spells.

02-12-2004, 08:11 PM
hehehe. Took me a while to finally take time to read things over and be sure that the profiles were done correctly but I approve all three of you.

I'd want to get more members, if you guys could try rounding up a few other experienced members to join in?

We still have time before it starts itself. I'll figure out when to start.

02-12-2004, 11:36 PM
Name: Kneh Ranew

Age: 15

Appearance: His skin is a dark rusty red and his hair is dark black and short in the back but long in the front. His eyes are a red color. He is thin but with a slight build. His height is around 6'1"

Planet: Koudo

Clothes: He wears dark brown pants that are tight at the waste but loose at the legs, his shirt is a light tan color and hangs loose all around. He also wears a light tan clothe belt and a light tan bandana. His boots are a dark bown color.

Personality: He is very proud of his origins and his people. He believes strongly that if his family and people could survive on Koudo then he can survive any where. He is very presistant and does not understand how to quit. He will fight until he dies if the need comes.

History: Kneh was raised by his father Kielikan, a strong warrior. He was taught by his father the way of the dagger and the soilder. His father taught him many things but was struck down in a dispute with another man when Kneh was 12. After this he became an orphin and woundered the wastelands of Koudo until he was taken in by a band of thieves and bandits. Here he learned the ways of stealth and the cruel facts of life. One day while robing a local bar something went wrong and Kneh was injured and left by his partners. It is here that he learned the cold rule of survival, every man for himself. He was arrested and cared for in the hospital, and once his wounds had healed he was given the option of joining the military or surving time in prison. Affraid of prison, and wanting to make his father proud, he joined the military.

Weapon of choice:
Daogon Twins: The Daogon Twins are a mysterios pair of daggers that were crafted in the wastelands of Koudo. They have blood red blades and have the symbol of fire burned into the hilt. Under extreme preasure this weapons can release a minor fire spell.

02-29-2004, 09:20 PM
Name: Hoshi (Star)



Weapon of choice (W.O.C.): Protection Magic


Occupation: Temptress

Appearance: Dark brown hair that is shoulder length and is absent of curles or waves. Golden eyes meant to seduce anyone who come near. 5'5" and very thin, with pale ivory skin.

Hoshi's outfit consists of a pink dress with black lace tracing the edges (also on the bottom of the dress. Her wrists and neck are covered in silver jewelry, often with pink stones set in them. She appears very much the same as she does in the given picture. Wears pink heels and a scarf is tied around her left leg like a bandage.

Bio: Hoshi was born in Yachi, a poor, unhealthy world. She had two brothers and one sister who had come before her but had died of malnourishment or starvation. Her parents abandoned her as a child of 8, not being able to take care of her themselves. For a long while, Hoshi lived in a church with other orphans, and met her first real friend, Maisko.

She and Maisko stayed friends and lived happily at the church for many years, outgrowing their childhood. But one day Maisko dissapeared from the church, never even saying goodbye to her friend.

Hoshi, convinced that something was wrong, left the church at the age of thirteen in search of her friend. But she had not remembered how horrible the planet Yachi was at times. It was almost impossible to get food, so to get any necessities, she had to find work or scrounge for food. She becomes a temptress in order to live a higher life and indeed does.

Hoshi carries on her occupation while always trying to find a way to get to Daichi, willing to fight to get to it and lead a much better, new life.

Hoshi's only real abilities are of protection and seduction, though she knows how to wield a double edged sword.

03-08-2004, 02:49 AM
Cool i'll play

Name: Bilka

Appearance: He has lost all his hair. He wears black shades and a black suit. Black eyes with tanned skin. His arms are disfigured with one being longer then the other. His fingernails have changed to a reddish color and his fingers look like miniature tentacles.

Planet: Daichi

Personality:He is constantly tired and bored. Only tries when he needs to. Never giving extra effort. Waits for people to come to him instead of going to them. He keeps an eeyrie smile on that wards away people.

History:Bilka was a happy child born in a small city. 6 years after his birth he was taken away and had foster parents. At the age of 13 he started to have strange outburst. Chairs and tables started to have a gray tint after he had gone through emotional distress. One day he was so angry he got up and dispeared. 8 years later he started to mail his foster parents telling them where he was and how he was doing. Once again he dispeared, but the last the message spoke of a journey to meet the others.

Weapon Of Choice: Iron studded Knuckes and magic chain that will summon his conscience in flesh form to help and guide him. Has ability drain powers or take lifeforce if he wins a battle, but has never done so and probably never will.

Ayako Sasaki
03-08-2004, 10:13 PM
I'd like to play....If it's okay.

Name: Ayako Sasaki

Age: 18

Appearance: She has black hair, green eyes, and extremely pale skin, she has one tatoo on her left arm, a rose with a sword through it. She always dresses all in black and wears dark make up.

Planet: DaiChi
Image: http://pantransit.reptiles.org/images/1999-12-05/aya01.jpg

Personality: She's a really timid girl, but when she meets someone she likes, she'll do pretty much anything to protect them. When she gets angry, you probably want to stay out of her way. She's also very quiet, and doesn't talk to anyone really, except her friends.

History: She was born into a family of a mom and a dad, Kenshi and Myeko, two brothers, Seiya and Kuriko. She had lived in cities her entire life, and she's not used to quiet. She was born into a family that practiced martial arts, but one day when she was exploring an area, she found a pendant, the Sakao Pendant, which grants her the ability to heal herself, and others. She is very skilled with swords, particularly long ones, and also in the martial arts.

Weapon of choice: Two swords, one long one, and a shorter one, which fits into a sheath that never leaves her side.

03-10-2004, 05:48 AM
Again it took me a while to come back. Busy at school and trying to set up plans for a party with my friends. Takes a while since we don't have hours to spend on it since they can't come over to my house at the moment.

But also, I don't know how much SGI will be on. I know I can grab DragonLord and Loushin but I don't know the rest of you as well, but as I start it, I'll pm all of you.

Now, we need at least one more Yachi. We only have 1. We have two of both Hankou and Koudo and three for DaiChi.

Remember guys who are on Daichi. We are appearing when the 'aliens' appear to come protect our planet more or less. We don't have an exact sense of like where they are but seem to drift in and appear to help.

And the rest of you, remember, 1 ship from your planets. I don't need one from each person. One from each planet so that it forces you to start working together in teams since thats what you may turn out to be.

But we need at least one partner for Kiyoku. We can't leave her all alone ne? But I myself can't take another, I'm way to swamped with some work to take a second to control. SGI probably can't and I can't ask Loushin to. DragonLord already has all his.

So I leave it to the rest of you to either, find another willing to take a position on Yachi or make another good one your selves.
I'll also take some more from Hankou and Koudo but try not to raise the number on Daichi to high. It supposed to be few 'humans'(since not all of us are full human) against a larger number of 'aliens'.