View Full Version : Finishing my degree + making money working at home

10-16-2009, 08:37 PM
Iím just finishing up my marketing degree (just 3 months left, YES!) and since Iím a college student without a car, Iíve always looked for stuff where I could work from home if possible. Most sutff out there is crap like stuffing envelopes, and crap, but theres some real work at home jobs out there if u know where to look.
Anyway, another guy in one of my classes told me that he was doing market research from home online, and I checked it out. He was working with big companies like Blockbuster, Geico and Target. Anyway, I started doing the same thing and got a job with Gyris Marketing Group. I review products, and give simple reports to these companies about their products. I get paid every couple weeks, and they always have work for me, which is obviously important.
Anyway, I know they are hiring right now, full or part time, so thought I would throw this out cuz I see a lot of crap out there, but this is a legit work from home gig. U can check em out at http://www.gyrismarketingreport.com (http://www.gyrismarketingreport.com/)