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10-04-2009, 11:25 PM
As I mentioned in a previous thread, it's been a while, so I'm not entirely sure whether I should put this thread in lyrics requests or here, but I think this is the more likely candidate.

Let me start with a story. A long time ago, I had a subscription to NewType USA. I know, what was I thinking, right? But that aside, one of the sample DVDs that I received (July 2003's) had an episode of K.O. Beast on it. I wasn't all that impressed with it back then, and I'm even less so now. That's not the point.

The point is I liked the ending theme. I liked it enough that I've spent the last six years trying to figure out the lyrics. The last. Six. Years. I've done lord-only-knows how many google searches from countless angles to try to come up at the problem, to look at it from behind, and even to pounce on it unawares. None have worked. I've never found a download for the song. I've never found a video online with the song. I've never found the lyrics to the song, in kanji or in romaji. The only thing I've ever found was confirmation that it existed on at least one album released by the people who wrote and performed it, SCANCH.

I have, however, been studying Japanese since before I knew this song existed. I therefore have attempted to use my listening skill, combined with my knowledge of Japanese grammar and a good pair of dictionaries, to piece together what the lyrics, at least for the TV sized version, must be.

This hasn't worked either, but it's been far more successful than anything else I've tried. So I was wondering if anybody else wanted to give it a go? Unfortunately, I do not have a means of ripping the song and uploading it, (and as I mentioned, it doesn't seem to exist on the internet anywhere) but I have transcribed, to the best of my ability, what it sounds like to me. Highlighted in red are the parts that I'm least sure of, though none of this is concrete--

キスをする (Oh yeah)
目を閉じる (Oh no)

or, in romaji,

Shuumatsu kokomade tomo hantoshi ni narukedo
Itsumade tatte mo kimi no koibito ni narenai
Boku no sasoi wo
Kimi wa matteru
BEBI- sou shinjite
Yuuki wo furishibotte kanawanu kakeniteru
KISU wo suru (oh yeah)
KISU wa shinai
Boku wa mada mayoukedo
Me wo tojiru (oh no)
Hinate uuchi
Sore ha kimi no TIA-

The task is made more difficult by the fact that the singer's annunciation is a little rough. To give you an idea, here's one of my much older attempts at simply transcribing it, prior to trying to find kanji that actually matched up with what I was hearing.

Shuumatsu kokomade tomo hontou shininarukedo
Itsumade datte mo kimi no (g)oibitori narenai
(I couldn't tell whether there was a consonant there or not back then)
Boku no sasoi wo
Kimi wa matteru
Baby soshinjite
Yuuki wo furishibotte kana wa nukakeniteru
KISU wo suru (oh yeah)
KISU wa shinai
Boku wa mada mayoukedo
Me wo tojiru (oh no)
Hinatei uchi
Sore wa kimi no tear

As you can see, things like t/d, g/k, i/u, and n/r were the most common soramimi; but even trying to take those sorts of mistakes into account, I've still been unable to figure out what is being said when I'm hearing かなわぬかけにてる (kanawanukakeniteru) and ひなてううち (hinateuuchi); のティアー sounds pretty much accurate, and it makes sense by itself, though in context I would have assumed that the "I" singing would be the owner of such a tear; still, without knowledge of the previous line, it's hard to say for sure. Everything else makes sense in relation to everything else, so I'm assuming that it's pretty much correct, and that I'm just approaching those two sections completely wrong or something. If anybody has a suggestion, or even a different kind of problem with it, I'd be obliged to you for sharing.


10-05-2009, 07:05 AM
Well... using my google-fu I can only muster up this. (http://lyric.kget.jp/lyric/ur/kr/)

(Oh Yes) shuumatsu-goto no DEETO hantoshi ni naru kedo
itsumade tattemo kimi no koibito ni narenai
boku no sasoi wo kimi wa matteru Maybe So shinjite
yuuki wo furishibotte kanawanu kake ni deru

Kiss wo suru (Oh Yes) Kiss wa shinai
boku wa mada mayou kedo
me wo tojiru (Oh No) hirateuchi
sore wa kimi no jiyuu

(Oh Yes) yuugure-doki no DORAIBU tokei ki ni shinaide
kimi no koto yoku shiritai ato ichijikan dake
boku no sasoi wo kimi wa matteru Maybe So shinjite
yuuki wo furishibotte kanawanu kake ni deru

aishiteru (Oh Yes) aishitenai
kimi wa mada mayou kedo
heya e kuru (Oh No) koko de kaeru
sore wa kimi no jiyuu

...poor guy

10-05-2009, 09:48 AM

Also, is it just that my google-fu sucks, or is yours really good? Or is it both?

It's both, isn't it?

10-07-2009, 06:26 PM
ねぇねぇ、これ (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1253123232)でしょ…?