View Full Version : The Bad, the Horrid and the Ugly - Judgement Day(s)

09-22-2009, 06:45 PM
Those who agreed to take part in the judging can enter their opinion here. Posts from other people than the judges will be deleted. Bring it on!

We will use a grand prix like system for each result.

Rank 1 10 pts
Rank 2 8 pts
Rank 3 6 pts
Rank 4 4 pts
Rank 5 2 pts

With a max of 40 for whoever wins all judges for his entry.

09-23-2009, 05:36 AM
OK ... to explain how will my judging be performed. I'm giving 10 points to everyone and strike them for mistakes. The more points you have in the end, the better your entry is.

The composition reminds me of a girl's mirror in her room, which I find interesting and entertaining. Here you lose 2 points, because you made your entry quite funny.
The image is way too small, therefore I can't be annoyed by it's size. I believe annoyance is an important factor in this contest which you totally ignored. Here you lose another 2 points.
The quality of the images used is way too good. My eyes are indeed pleased, -2 points.

How am I horrified by your image? I'm not, I find it quite interesting. I specially like the effect, text written on a mirror or something. :p

So out of 10 your entry loses 6 points which gives it a score of 4 out of 10.

Jagan Eye:
What to say ... your entry makes me LOL, -2 points.
Same as Hawkatex, your image is too small. Here I'm not annoyed at all. Another 2 points taken from your score.
The way you pasted the males faces is actually a pretty good example what not to do when it comes to serious art, but in this case you scored, except for Inuyasha which blends almost nicely with the body. Because of this little mistake I'm taking 1 point from you.

Your entry is close to what was the purpose of the contest. The main image was not extracted, resized badly with jagged edges and blury or pixelated (depends where). Simply put it's terrible, no blending, no composition, you put males faces on women bodies (*dies* x_X;; ). Your entry makes me LOL, but really frightens me as well.

My Math is terrible but I believe I'm able to solve how much is 10-5. :p
Your score is 5 out of 10.

The first thing I noticed with your entry is the nice lightblue frame. Were you planning to put this on your wall!? -2 points.
The background is white and clean. This is not what you meant when you told me about this contest. *takes 2 points away*
I'm not sure if you noticed, but I see a story inside your entry. It's about a hydra living in a prehistoric environment. It has everything ... from trees to eat, to other prehistoric creatures as well as cavemen (babies in this case). This will cost you another 2 points.

Your entry doesn't really disgust me at all (if I don't look at Saber's face of course :p ). It's pretty close to a kid's design of a prehistoric life and occasional visits by spaceships.

4 points out of 10.

... What is that!? O_o;;

6 out of 10. I'm taking you two points for the background being plain and 2 for the images used being too good.
BTW: From now on you are officially on my "To be scared of" list. >_<;;

The first things I thought about when saw your entry was "It's a cake!". I'm taking away 1 point, because it's just two pictures merged together with close to no editing.
The second thing I noticed is a blank background. As much as sometimes is annoying and not welcome in proper graphics, it is also often needed to make the main image clean and visible. Here you lose another 2 points.
In the end there is the size. Same as Hawkatex and Jagan Eye the image size is not big enough. -2 points

Your composition is basic, the images used are of very bad quality, but basic nonetheless. It was kind of hard to judge properly, since there was kinda nothing to judge.

5 out of 10 for you


So ... to recapitulate:
First place: Eris with 6 points
Second place: Jagan Eye and OminousCloud with 5 points
Third place: Nighthawk and Hawkatex with 4 points

Good luck to all the participants and wait for Nighthawk to announce the results before posting. ^_^

09-24-2009, 05:52 PM
I was told that I can get away with voting without explanation since I don't have good feedback or anything new to add. I also disagree about taking away points from funny entries. Sure the contest is about bad and ugly art. It should be funny, too. Otherwise, It'd just be lame.

Here's my rating without explanation:
OminousCloud: 4/10.
Eris: 8/10.
Nighthawk: 7/10.
Jagan Eye: 7/10.
Hawkatex: 6/10.

I gave points to imagination, creativity, humour, and the amount of work put for the entry. Good luck, guys.

09-25-2009, 08:29 AM
Alright, I am just going to run with this.

The contest is from what I can gather bad Photoshopping. But, theres a line here. The line being what you intend to make, and I see two things parring as results here. First being something intended to be a type of funny that is conveyed in a bad way, and some random piece that has junk plastered all over it that could be made in MS Paint. Those are the ones I dont like, they are ones intentionally made to look as crappy as possible, which isnt so much the point of the contest as it is a form of vomit.

I'm handing my 1st Place vote off to Ominous Cloud, because she followed the theme flawlessly. Its an idea made in Photoshop with a vague attempt at taking two things and making them funny at the same time.

2nd Place to Jagna for integration of the ability to Photo Manipulate images together (which is usually what Photoshop is for). But points off for trying to highlight empty space with rookie brushing.

3rd Place to the rest, Eris, Nighthawk, and Hawkatex. They are all essentially the same thing. Mix match images together to create the worst possible thing visually, but the reason I have as 3rd place is because there's really nothing separating them. Like if you set each piece up next to each other and tried judging them based upon how bad they were, they would all be equally as bad. Ask which one might have a clear message, in this case bad Shopping as its called, non would really win because as I said above, you can use MS paint to make them.

P.S. This was a very interesting contest, but I didnt like the theme. If you do another, how about you make it more challenging, like the best Photo Manipulation, or best Motivator (or Demotivator).

09-27-2009, 05:26 PM
I have to say, this was an interesting contest, I kind of of looked forward to seeing the horrid results... and they are quite horrid indeed. So well done, to all the contestants. But now on to evaluating your works.
As I understand this is all about bad, horrid and ugly images.... I don't really care in which program they were made, just as long as they are visually unattractive.

First up; OminousCloud
- The picture of the cake is pixilated
- The background to the spamcans were not removed
- The background for the cake was removed, however done badly
- The entry is witty and quite funny

It's random... very random..
Some things are quite witty, like the stickfigures combined with little pictures. But there is no actual concept to it, atleast none that I can discern.
All the images used are quite small, so looking at them for a longer time is quite annoying.
All in all it's a quite messy, disorganized and very childlike entry.... :/

The incorrect English... annoys me, soooo much..
The prehistoric theme is very clear, but I don't quite understand the links to the heads.... or there might not be any.
The border is horribly cheesy, the combination of elements is random, though how they were put together is quite clean.
All in all a very weird entry... which I don't like.. but I can't say it's horrid.

Jagan Eye
A very poorly done photomanip... or imagemanip.
- The original image is of a low quality
- the used heads were cut out badly, but not too badly
- the heads don't cover the original image's faces properly
Though the entry does have a sense of wit to it

Again... a very random entry
A picture of a cosplayer with random things written on it, which I can't always read... and certainly don't understand _
I didn't understand the "i got a liver in the back" at first, but just noticed the square.. and I actually find that quite clever.
The two images pasted over the original are stretched, small, scribbled on and of a poor quality.
The added dots and stars are pretty random and annoying.

Okay ... soooo don't question me on my evaluating system, but these are the results!

OminousCloud -5 points
Eris -8 points
Nighthawk -7 points
Jagan Eye -6 points
Hawkatex -5 points

Obviously the one with the least points wins the title.

09-28-2009, 03:55 PM
Final results:

Eris: Rank 1 (10 pts) 3 times, Rank 3 (6 pts) 1 time, total score 36 points
Jagan: Rank 2 (8 pts) 3 times, Rank 3 (6 pts) 1 time, total score 30 points
Mini: Rank 1 (10 pts) 1 time, Rank 2 (8 pts) 1 time, Rank 4 (4 pts) 2 times, total score 26 points
Hawkatex: Rank 3 (6 pts) 3 times, Rank 4 (4 pts) 1 time, total score 22 points
Nighthawk: Rank 2 (8 pts) 2 times, Rank 3 (6 pts) 2 times, total score 28 points

Final Ranking:

1. Eris
2. Jagan
3. Nighthawk
4. Mini
5. Hawkatex

Now let me present the "Badge of Awesome", made by someone who really knows how to do graphics, you all know him, its, drum drum, Ellipsis.
Now lets hail the Awesome, Eris. Clap clap! Also respect for the runners up, Jagan Eye and the other contestants.