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Perfect Chaos
07-16-2009, 02:37 PM

This is the kanji lyrics exactly as it appears in the official CD's cover booklet with any furigana (that's present in the booklet) in parenthesis.
Also, don't forgot to include the notes at the end on the kanji page.

花は恥らうもの 鳥はさえずるもの
目立つのはやだけど なんて? 歌作っちゃう
指は爪弾くもの リズムは刻むもの
仲間がいれば最強 呼吸(いき)[1]を合わせゆこう

ベースが肝心 どんな物、人だって
耐震強度はOK? 縦に横に 揺さぶるよ

喜怒哀楽 ジャズベのボディに 全部私が詰まってる
春夏秋冬 二十四時間 うなるハートは無休
Bo Boom Boom Boom Boom!!

月は降り立つもの 衛星(ほし)[2]は打ち上げるもの
日々世界進化中 だから ぼーっとできない
風は生み出すもの 壁は越えてくもの
アガったら深呼吸 殻を破りゆこう

ルートが肝心 どんな人生だって
夢や憧れ探して 西に東に ひた走るよ

無我夢中 四本の弦に 全部未来をゆだねてく
五里霧中 道に迷っても 即興で軌道修正
Bo Boom Boom Boom Boom!!

美しき重低音 信じて感じてGoes on

喜怒哀楽 ジャズベのボディに 全部私が詰まってる
春夏秋冬 二十四時間 うなるハートは無休
Bo Boom Boom Boom Boom!!
Day & Night Anytime
Boom Boom Boom!!

[1] 呼吸, kokyuu, has the furigana iki (息), and is pronounced that way; both means breath.
[2] 衛星, eisei, meaning satelite, has the furigana hoshi (星), meaning star, and is pronounced that way.

07-16-2009, 08:04 PM
Kanji page hasn't got any footnote field to put. Don't know why you underlined it, did I miss something before?

You're not the transliterator so I can't put the notes on the translit page, but more importantly, you can't put kanji in that darn field...

Perfect Chaos
07-17-2009, 01:55 AM
I mean simply to not forget to add the last bit directly to the kanji lyrics section, at the end. I've seen this done with some songs (I can't recall which ones, though). And the reason that I underlined it was that, before with another song that I submitted the kanji for, you simply didn't add the notes (which you added later). I wouldn't really mind if you didn't include the notes at the end, though; just be sure to also take out the "[1]" and "[2]" from the lyrics itself if you don't include the notes.

07-17-2009, 06:11 AM
Dude, can't you even link which songs you're talking about? Try and recall them, it's not that I refuse to do it.

Perfect Chaos
07-18-2009, 04:18 AM
Hm...well, it's late, so I don't feel like trying to search for it; maybe later. But I figured that it was fine without needing to show proof, since you've already included some additional notes of mine the same way for when I submitted Cagayake!GIRLS. (But only after I said something about it, hence why I wanted to make sure you don't forget this time. But now this is causing more trouble, which I didn't expect. :()