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12-26-2003, 04:36 PM

QuackerzRO RULE!!

server stats
Dual P3 1.0 gig prosessors
1.25 gigs of ram pc133
OS: XP soon to be XP pro
ISP: Comcast high speed intranet (Cable)

has the basic npcs
constant polls and add things according to what the ppl of QuackerzRO want
polls are done on the QuackerzRO forum
Server is running Athena dev chan mod
2:2 classes and most of the skillz
3:3 not yet
super novices are implemented!!! :D

the xp rate will be changed (depending on your vote)
6x base
6x job
10x item

How to Play
You could register online through the website OR
you could put _M or _F at the end of your account name at your first login!
sclient.xml is on the website which allows you access to the server.

in the process of implementing amatsu npcs, gonryun npcs.
a time npc that will tell you the current time in area of server.
and more!!! :lol:

how to get on the server and downloadables:
web links

WEB SITE: http://www.quackerz1.com

IRC CHANNEL: http://irc://esper.net/QuackerzRO

FORUM: http://www.quackerz1.com/forum/

Tell all your RO Fantic friends out there and see you on qRO!


12-26-2003, 06:34 PM
what do you do?

12-26-2003, 07:41 PM
It's called Ragnarok Online


Go there to learn all about this amazing game!