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Rubedo, the Crystal Blood
07-08-2009, 01:21 AM
For a while now the long-awaited DJ Max Technika has been released internationally. With bugs and all, the game has become a smash hit in the few US arcades where a cabinet has been made available, and at this point there aren't many cabs which have survived with the original screen.

So I wanted to know who plays this game? Who knows about it?

For those who don't know, DJ Max is a long-running series of rhythm games, the Korean counterpart to Japan's Beatmania. Their latest AC release, DJ Max Technika, is a full-functioning touch screen game that competes with JuBeat. Gesture compatible, it comes with full sound systems, audio modulations that can be accessed via the ingame menu, a vibrating stage (*rolls eyes*), and a second, larger screen for onlookers. It also comes with a headphone jack for you crazy audiophiles who just have to feel the music all around you :D

DJ Max Technika International is a rhythm game that deviates from its predecessors. It is the first commercial touch screen rhythm video game made available to a mass public globally. It features a variety of music, primarily consisting of Korean titles and, of those, mostly techno. There are a few other covers, but no well known international titles, let alone American titles.

To play, players watch a solid blue bar as it passes over two horizontally halved parts of the screen. Starting at the top and traversing from left to right, the bar continues its journey in the opposite direction along the bottom half once it reaches the end, only to reappear at the top once again. As it makes its circle, various notes will appear. As the bar passes over these notes, players must press their location on the screen. As a general rule, notes are usually in time with the music, so listening to the music and having a good knowledge of its rhythm can aid a player in passing the song.

There are four variations of notes:
Tap notes are pink and have a single blue bar in the center. Simply tap each note as the bar passes over.
Drag notes are longer notes that require a player to hold their finger down and drag along the note with the bar. Releasing the note early, falling too far behind, or dragging too far ahead, will result in a break of that note.
Tail notes are purple and have ribs of varying sizes. In addition to tapping to first note, the first note in the tail must be tapped again for every rib the bar passes over.
Connected notes are a series of connected notes much like the drag notes, but usually used in rapid succession and with a jerky nature.

Hitting these notes successively increases your combo and pushes your life gauge up, while missing them pushes the gauge down and breaks your combo. Missing too often results in a fail of course.

The cabinet also has an IC card slot that allows you to use a special card known as "Platinum Crew Edition" which stores your DJ alias, your records, and your Max Points. Max Points may be used on ingame modifications and, when Platinum Crew online mode is enabled, may also be used to purchase certain exclusive content for dedicated fans. There are also rare, limited edition Platinum Cards which may only be obtained by purchasing the Korean OST of the Beta test version, which swept across the US last year. These cards, unfortunately, are not compatible with the International release, and can only be used on Korean Technika machines.

As far as I have experienced, there are extremely diverse styles of play.

Players can play using only one hand, or they may use two. They may also use only one finger, which can be easier early on, or can practice using all of their fingers, much like a piano, which makes passing certain songs easier once hand-eye-coordination has been achieved. Even among these there are different variations.

You can learn more by wikipedia-ing it.

Anyhow, for those who do play, what's your locale and alias?

I'm Catalyst.

Hehe, I recently got an A on SIN blind today, and I managed to pass Blythe for the first time :D