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06-12-2009, 05:12 PM
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retRO is an awesome server with the rates of 1.5k/1.5k/60x. While the leveling is pretty fast and it seems all so comfortable, the server actually has many unique events/dungeons and especially a load of custom items and quests for your heart's desire. The server is designed for a long stay purpose due to the nature of everything. The server offers great support because of the great GM Team.

Features: The features of such a server is close to unimaginable when it comes to this. The server has everything you can possibly think of and still its being updated in a regular basis. The server has an awesome website and an awesome custom hometown made by the admin.

Lock and Loaded: retRO is heavily edited from Npcs to source files that make other servers look like chumps. We put all the effort and everything in our power to edit the server to its maximum Potential.

Custom instaces: Instances are dungeons that does not have to be shared. For the mena while we have only 2, which are Endless Tower and A mini dungeon with a quest that gives you a reward.

Currencies: In retRO we have a lot of coin currencies and point ones too. So beware of the diversity because Zeny is not the only thing here!

Competition: retRO has many competetive players that are always looking for a fight. So gear up get set go.

Such unique automated events such as a Dice Game and the Maze game. Others for stronger players like MVP ladder and Ancient Dungeon and many more. These are the few of retRO's great and unique features that are unbeatable.

Race System: not many servers have a race system, but this does, once you reach level 115 you get to choose a race and reborn, upon completing the quest of the desired race you want, there are 6, you get a special item and special head color and cloth color to match your race. The special item is made individually for each race and adds awesome effects.

Balance: The balance is raw in this server, just to start it off, this is not a Assassin cross server where there are 2042302 assassins in woe/pvp. The server has special items to make balancing as even as possible. Some items over power you, but this is to add a more teamlike pvp to fight such a hard opponent. Of course these such called items are not in everybody's hands

Game masters: The game masters are absolutely awesome, it seems like they are on 24/7 due to their support and activeness. They are experienced and know how to handle every situation that hits them. You can depend on them if you ever get stuck on something.

Updated: The server is in its latest revision and it constantly updated. Somethings are kept for the sake of the name retRO.

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