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05-05-2009, 11:23 PM
Read these great topics to keep yourself informed!

Real's Music Score Library

Tonnes of free Music Scores including really popular Movie soundtracks and Anime soundtracks. :rolleyes:

Failoan's Music Score Library

More impressive collections of Anime based melodies and several other various scores - free to use!

Fighting Tactics - Videos

Shows several ways of defeating important monsters through-out the game and several techniques on fighting your everyday monsters.

Enchant Scrolls and Enchant Skill Guide

This guide looks in depth at the Mabinogi Enchant system and how to use it and it's effects. Definatly a great read for begginner and amatuer players alike.

Possible Mabinogi 30022 Error Code Bypass! :laugh:

Step by Step tutorial on bypassing the Nexon mabinogi IP block using a proxy. Our most popular guide on the forums and testimonials in the thread can be read to prove validility.

www.mmoxo.com (http://www.mmoxo.com) :p

05-07-2009, 03:18 PM
....well to be honest, I can't really tell if this thread is supposed to be some form of advertising or some other what.

The guides are nice though.Also, this belongs in the MMO sub-forum.