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04-29-2009, 05:40 PM
Hi there everybody! :D

I'm new to this forum, I'm actually here to ask for some help. Although I saw many animes myself, I'm pretty sure that all of you have seen many more than I did. So please consider helping me with what I'll now ask you about:

I'm an animation/visual fx student who is about to graduate. I'm working on my thesis nowadays and it focuses on how dreams are represented in the world of art. It will also partly examine art forms like books, paintings, video games (e.g. Sanitarium (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanitarium_(videogame)), Psychonauts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychonauts)) -maybe even music/sound- and regular movies related to dreams (e.g. Science of Sleep (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_of_Sleep), Dreams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreams_(1990_film))), but the focus will be on animation in the end.

Although my education had more to do with 3D animation, 2D animation is also an important part of it. And as far as I can tell there are many more 2D animations which have something to do with dreams than there are 3D ones. Therefore I'm currently trying to find animes which have dream-like sequences in them, or are in any way related to dreaming, or any other surreal stuff.

"Paprika", as you might know, has tons of dream-scenes in it. "Spirited Away" was also similar if I remember correctly. "Ghost in the Shell 2" had an interesting hallucination part if I'm not mistaken. You get the idea... I'm also open to suggestions from anime series. I personally haven't seen that many but "FLCL" for example was more or less a surreal trip as a whole, in my opinion. So that kind of stuff would also be useful.

Apart from that I don't recall seeing any intense dream or surreal dream-like sequences from other anime series I've seen, but then again I haven't seen that many. I've only seen the following I think: Cowboy Bebop, Gunbuster 1-2, Kino no tabi, Samurai Champloo, Great Teacher Onizuka, Escaflowne, Infinite Ryvius and FLCL as I mentioned. Maybe I've seen a few more but I doubt it, can't remember.

I'll examine the animation in order to analyze how dreams are depicted in comparison to "real-scenes". I'll look at the visual characteristics (mood, effects, colors, lights, unusual forms, all the bizarre stuff etc.) which differ these dream(-like) sequences from normal scenes. And I'll also look a little into what kind of narrative role the dreams play within the context of the artwork.

So therefore I'm not exactly asking for every single surrealistic scene related to hallucination/dreams/trips etc. but mainly those that are really interesting in one way or the other. (For example with really interesting creatures or mood or visual elements or other things like that...) And preferably also with a higher-than-average production value.

In short, I want all kinds of interesting dreams from the history of anime. :) I'd really appreciate it if you people could help me.

Of course you're also welcome to make suggestions which go beyond anime if you wish. Know about any interesting movies, games, paintings related to the topic? Then feel free to mention those too please.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help.

After I finish the thesis I'd be happy to share it here with you too.

04-29-2009, 07:47 PM
Have you seen "Dead Leaves"? While there are no dream sequences per se, as I can recall, it's pretty dreamy and surreal.

04-29-2009, 08:36 PM
I was going to say Paprika would be an amazing one, but then you said it. ^^U
Try some of these?:
Eureka Seven
Jigoku Shoujo (nightmares count? ;3)
Tsubasa Chronicle
Tactics (The manga has more comedy in it really...)
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Hope some of these can help?
The thesis you're working on sounds uber cool and interesting! I'd like to see it. ^^

Cobra Commander
04-29-2009, 08:53 PM
Urusei Yatsura - Beautiful Dreamer. One of my favorites.

There was an Ouran episode where Haruhi spends the whole thing dreaming, I think it was episode 13. I loved that show...:laugh: Too bad its over.

Hrm, I had a third suggestion, but I can't remember it. Anyway, the Ouran one should be easy enough to find - you could buy the set, get it from somewhere online, or...check www.hulu.com I searched there, they had the episodes last week, I believe there were entries for both the sub and dub varieties.

As for Urusei Yatsura, you'll probably have to buy the dvd. Amazon usually has them on the cheap. You might be able to download it as well, but I wouldn't want you to do anything illegal. Be mindful of copyright laws. :ninja:

05-03-2009, 09:54 AM
Thanks for the info people.

By the way, I posted the same things also in another anime forum:

It's interesting that you didn't mention any of the things they mentioned.

Oh "Dead Leaves", I remember now. I saw that one too, yes. True it was pretty bizarre. Thanks for reminding.