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12-01-2003, 05:57 PM
I tried making a Rockman EXE wallpaper. Tell me what you all think. :lol:
Sorry for the size.

12-01-2003, 06:03 PM
I like it!.... very nice ~~ except fot the text... i think i'd change it
And i love the effect with the picture in the background

12-01-2003, 07:06 PM
As one of my friends would say "schweet!". Excellent wallpaper, the only thing I think I would change would be the text font. Make it more "computery" looking. Megaman kinda looks like Tron. Its a saver.

12-01-2003, 07:13 PM
Its good, maybe try something else other then the blue fuzz on the top and bottum bars. I really like the blurred picture on the right side. Good job.

12-01-2003, 07:37 PM
Hm.. what should I do with the text? Can't think of a font.. :P

12-01-2003, 08:30 PM
Very nice wall~ Here's an idea, how about making the top and bottom parts a tech background? Something similar to those on his body. I think you can remove the text and put the logo of the anime somewhere just below the bottom line. Shouldn't look too bad

_hades the wicked
12-01-2003, 09:20 PM
Sorry, but if you make it smaller, I'll gladly take a look, but right now... Took me already 1 minute and still didn't open more than a banner size part of it...

12-01-2003, 10:34 PM
I took the liberty to reduce the size just a lil' bit so the quality isn't messed =D Here ya go~ *and 700kb for a wall IS just a TAAAD big =D*

12-01-2003, 10:38 PM
id do something with the grainy blue font, i dont really like it, but the overall is ok(im not really into this kind of anime, but i respect!(pple dont attack me))

12-02-2003, 12:00 AM
First I'd like to say that Bug Style Rockman.EXE is extremely cool in the game, good choice for a wall. The Aqua Custom looks really good in the background too.

I did a wall with this one a couple months ago, so i'm going to refrain from too much critque, cause i don't wanna impose my style on you, but i really think the grainy bars would look alittle better if they matched the darker color on Rockman.EXE. If you wanna see mine, its on my website. For a font, i would suggest CrystoLikid Tryout if you can find it.

12-02-2003, 12:23 AM
yes, change the font! Actually, is it important to have the text? Also, the character looks like they are floating; try to make him more grounded. ^-^

12-02-2003, 12:27 AM
Thanx a bunch. :D

12-02-2003, 02:56 AM
Yp, change the font.

Good job.

12-02-2003, 06:02 PM
Like others have said, change the font and it will be gold ^_^

12-02-2003, 08:49 PM
Here's my redue one with a little change and no text. :)

12-02-2003, 09:04 PM
little better, but you should still have the text just in a diff font like system or something

12-02-2003, 10:51 PM
How about this font?

12-03-2003, 12:19 AM
The font is muuuch better now. Although the *glow* now looks like a furcoat to me. Did you try without glow?

12-03-2003, 12:35 AM
Like this?

12-03-2003, 12:38 AM
LoL... I can't see any difference but the furcoat's still on him... i mean the left rockman, that furry glow is still on him. You can try a lesser blue glow or none at all

12-03-2003, 12:42 AM
OoOoOoOo... i thought u meant the text.. hahahaha. :P

12-03-2003, 05:51 AM
I liked the glow, but it could be alittle smaller. The wall is looking really good now.

12-03-2003, 06:32 AM
I liked the glow, nice font :P

12-03-2003, 07:07 PM
Haha, thanx. Bleh... how do i make the glow thinner? :P
I didnt save one without the glow... haha...