View Full Version : Eudemons' New Expansion, May You A Surprise :)

04-09-2009, 11:19 PM
:DThe new expansion of Eudemons Online (http://eo.91.com/index/)- The Divine Path (http://eo.91.com/content/2009-03-16/20090316224946173.shtml)will be released in May, 2009. During this journey, players will be assigned a series of dramatic quests.Those chosen ones will be gifted with god-like power, after they have passed the difficult test.

Here is just a brife look :D

The Divine Path Expansion Preview - Apotheosis (http://eo.91.com/content/2009-03-26/20090326190249436.shtml)

The Divine Path Expansion Preview - Divine Eudemons (http://eo.91.com/content/2009-04-01/20090401210911491.shtml)