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03-17-2009, 01:27 AM
Remember any good, or bad moments on a game?
Good: I got a quad kill in Halo with one of those sticky grenades, and some extreme luck.
Good: A lucky headshot in Gears of War, which won the match.
Bad: I was running from a noob in L4D, and ran into a Tank...which proceeded to kill me.

03-19-2009, 06:04 PM
Mmm, cool thread.

Good moment - back in the days of unreal tournament (the original) and I was dueling one guy on a sorta sniper oriented but small ctf map, and finally won.

Good moment - when you pick up the super gravity gun and get to 'test' it in hl2, and are just like 'booyah!'

Good moment - along the same lines, when I managed to kill 5 zombies with one razor blade in ravenholm...

Bad moment - being one hit away from defeating the final boss in 'the 2 thrones, while having only 1 effective hit yourself' and then dying. There is no quicksave

Bad moment - being about to complete a difficult GTA mission, and a civilian randomly runs you over

Sure there are more

03-19-2009, 06:08 PM
Good moment: I was the 'underdog' to defeat a boss in Puzzle Quest (DS Lite), but still won.

Good moment: In Castlevania; Dawn of Sorrow, I figured out how to get past the puzzle blocks.

Bad moment: My brother took control for about a minute while I was in the bathroom (we were on vacation, with everyone in the car) and lost me three of the four lives I had before I returned.

Amray The II
03-20-2009, 01:01 PM
My greatest gaming achievment was getting practically half-way through Final Fantasy X without leveling up my party..once! That was hard and it was not done intentionally either. I did not know how to use the Sphere Grid. I was only eleven years of age though, I did not even know what my penis was used for then.

I also just managed to killed Saddler on Resident Evil 4 with the smallest amount of health one would ever see. When the rocket launcher that Ada throws landed right on him, I remember thinking "Oh dear". Somehow I managed to run up close to Saddler and take the rocket launcher only to be hit which left me with the most ridiculous amount of health. Then I ran to the edge of the level and shot a missile at him, and killed him. Then I had to run through the rest of the game without being hit once or I would die. Luckily I was good at dodging the falling obstacles on the Jet Ski.

Light Buster
03-20-2009, 02:17 PM
Good Moment - Landing an Extermination in Halo 3 along with a 5 kill streak.

Good Moment - Lucky grenade kill in Resistance 2 multiplayer with netted my team 3 points w/ just a hedgehog grenade which I threw blindly.

Good Moment - Beated Time Crisis 4 for the first time with just one life remaining and no continues remaining...

Bad Moment - ...sadly, I didn't reach 4 million points overall. Was about 50K away for 4,000,000 points plus.

Bad Moment - Upon aquiring the rocket launcher in Halo 3 multiplayer and after reloading it, I picked up the machine gun turrent that I used to kill the player with the rocket launcher and was suddenly road killed by an enemy ghost from the right.

Good Moment - Got every COD4 achivements on the 360.

03-20-2009, 03:20 PM
Mmm, cool thread.

Good moment - back in the days of unreal tournament (the original) and I was dueling one guy on a sorta sniper oriented but small ctf map, and finally won.

you mean facing worlds or was it the remade one with the pyramids instead of towers ?

I love maps like that I can take out a sniper running

03-21-2009, 09:02 PM
you mean facing worlds or was it the remade one with the pyramids instead of towers ?

I love maps like that I can take out a sniper running

Nah it was a smaller one, I cant remember the name, not part of the default map pack, or one of the ones I downloaded perminantly - as in the server downloaded it for me when I connected. And, alas - this was quite a few years ago.

I used to be a fan of instagib, in the tiny/claustrophobic maps - before drink and the like dulled my reflexes

The Governator
03-22-2009, 05:00 AM
Good: I managed to finally get a Tiger I Ace to the battle field in a skirmish match on CoH I was loosing badly on.

Bad: Same Tiger I Ace is destroyed by a heroic rank AT-Gun.

03-22-2009, 11:55 AM
As they say good things worth remembering.. but im the other way round

A few mmos: Lagspikes made an appointment for me to meet up with the angel of death or the rez shrine

All Biohazard franchises, I like running into "L" shaped corners and next scene me being raped by zombies

I like being rambo in all FPS.. The outcome wasn't really what i expected :O

03-23-2009, 01:44 PM
Mmm, I know a few.

In Counter-Strike:Source, I'm in a small server 4v4 and I'm on CT in dust2. Well, the bomb gets planted, our two guys watching the sites are dead, so it's up to me and the guy behind me to take bombsite A back and defuse. We just finished cutting through B tunnels, so we decided to go long A versus short since they didn't have an awp, and I get much better angles with flashbangs. Anyways, we're storming up the ramp, my team mate gets killed the instant he turns the corner so I chuck a flashbang over the wall, pop up the ramp and blow three of their heads off and I was about to blow another face to smithereens that I remember seeing up on Short A (who killed the team mate earlier) but then a flash comes from that alcove, I hide behind a box, and I hear footsteps below me. For some reason or another he jumped off short A to come up behind me but was hella noisy about it so I jumped off, came up behind him and planted my knife in his back. The best part was when one of the T's accused me of hacking over all_talk lol THEY'RE CALLED HEADPHONES
In WoW, I'm trying to get material for a pvp video that I've always wanted to make (I've given up on it now though, 'cause fraps makes my FPS go to all hell, and I always forget to record anyways), so I start doing ballsy things like trying to storm a node in a BG solo. Well, this seems pretty logical at first, mines in AB only has one human paladin defending it so I slow fall down, throw off a couple frostbolts and I already get a Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze proc off the bat, when suddenly, some scrub druid pops out of shadowmeld spamming moonfire on me. So I turn right around, while the paladin is healing herself, and I proceed to basically one-shot the druid in a long string of Frostbolt, Frostbolt>Deep Freeze, then Frostbolt+Fireball+IL, ALL of them critting, dealing upwards of 20k damage in one go. He didn't see what was coming. (I killed the paladin and took the base of course, but 4 alliance show up later and royally rape me).
Again in WoW, in WSG, still trying to get footage for my PvP video, I'm fire specced now, I ran into the alliance flag room and I'm working up a hunter when both a rogue and a druid decide to join in and help kill me. Well, the hunter was already pretty low on health, and I already had a Living Bomb on him, so I turn right around and nail all three with a Dragon's Breath. I target the rogue and charge up a nice juicy Frostfire Bolt, and right as it launches, LB finishes, exploding, killing the hunter, crits the rogue and druid for 3k, the FFB crits for 4k, I blastwave for 4k on both, then an instant pyroblast+fireblast on the rogue, both critting for 8k combined. Needless to say, he was dead. I kited the druid around until dragon's breath was up, scorch+fireblast crit, instant pyro, dead. I soloed three people perfectly and I didn't get it on recording QQLengthy each, and there's more where that came from but not as glamorous.

Bad moments? Well, the only one I can think of right now is my 3v3 team in WoW tanking TWO HUNDRED POINTS because my DK totally went emo and quit WoW and we're struggling to find a replacement. =/ For some reason he thinks he can play a rogue at high ratings when he's never played one in his life. (<--- Ex-Rogue here, and that pisses me off)

03-23-2009, 01:56 PM
Halo 3-3 headshots with one bullet.
Halo 3- Perfection XD
Halo 3- Splattered by a Hornet

03-23-2009, 10:04 PM
Good: I pwned when Halo puts me in the game where you use the sword to kill them instead :D
Bad: Im horrible at Halo online in general... <_< people kill me alot and i barely hit anyone i think it hates me
Good: I got a head shot on GEars of War and surprised the guy because i was a noob...it was just a lucky shot xD
Good: When a guy stood there and let me kill him xD he was "being nice for the day"
Good: I tagged someone with my granade and made my character dance when he exploded
Bad: When i had to use the crossbow and totally sucked at it xD
Bad: I kept making my team lose
Bad: I ALWAYS seemed to shoot my teammates
Good: I played Kingdom Hearts and totally pwned Xaldin
Bad: I forgot to save my game and it froze on me...so i had to beat Xaldin again
Good:I pwned MAx300 on supernova (DDR) and everyone had opened mouths
Bad: at a tournament i was showed up by a very skilled asian breakdancing ddr maniac O__O i felt very tiny and insecure compared to him
Good thing from that bad: He gave me a thumbs up for being brave enough to challenge him XD