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03-15-2009, 04:04 PM
Greeting everybody, I am French and I play a game which is called 2fight.net for three years. I am part of the team of game and we need help to prepare future version. The manager of game (Salagir) posted this message on another forum some years ago for a previous version :

<We make a game on internet since more than a year. It's only in french, sorry no english version is scheduled for now.
It's based on DBZ universe and players begin the game with goku, piccolo, gohan, and others characters. They can move on a map, train, and fight other players, gain XP, usual stuff. They can also gain other characters, Cell, Freeza, even loosers like Zarbon. We have about 40 playables characters now.


Why I'm talking about this? Because for each fight, we display an animation, made with LSW characters sheet. In fact it appears that most of what we used was made around here.
Don't worry you're already credited in the game http://dbzvortex.aceboard.com/images/smiley/smile.gif

I post here for 3 reasons :
* First, because me and others made a few sheets and I'll post them here (not this topic of course)
* Second, because I want to add new characters I could never find and if some of you want to do them, that you be great ! So requests.
* Third, to thank you all and congratulate you for these wonderfull sheets! I suck a LOT on pixel art and I'm really impressed by all this work.

More about 2fight:

For each character we have sprites for 8 actions (attack, defense, special attack 1, special attack 2, special attack 3, win, lose, dead), each action is mirrored (from left and from right) and for characters with several forms or transformation, a set of action by form.
For Cell we have 3 sets, for goku 4 (normal, ssj, ssj3, ssj4), for Zarbon, one.

That make a very lot of sprites, but thanksfully a whole team makes them. Here are some:
Special Attack kameha
Special attack kameha father and son
Special attack masenko

A special attack I live very much, and no one ever saw as no player could get Gotrunks character for now: the Ultra Volleyball Attack
For his other levels :

So, I would like you do sprites for pesonnages of Dragon Ball, and Dragon ball Z. Also, I would like you do pictures for each personnage on 200x300 with a black bottom. The personnages as Goku or Gohan are full.
Examples : http://www.2fight.net/images/obsc/0551cfda44c9.jpg

You can send your creations to me or to [email protected]

Sorry for my poor english ^^'

Others informations : The game manager is the author of a dojinshi (manga created by non-professionals, using a universe and characters which are not theirs) which is Dragon Ball Multiverse. You can read here http://www.dragonball-multiverse.com/

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