View Full Version : Artist Needed for Video Game

02-22-2009, 03:58 PM
So I'm a newbie, for sure, as you will probably see this is my first post. I'm probably breaking some sort of code by doing what I am about to do but know that I definitely don't mean any offense by making my first post a "business post." In truth, what brought me to this board was not my love for anime (oddly enough) but my need for artists. So this one's for the concept artists or people who are excellent at 3d modeling.

Here's the skinny. I'm in the process of developing a game, I got the programmers and audio people, we need the artists. I have a few people I can ask, however, I wanted to try my shot here. I would prefer not to work with friends, it's wise not to do so.

If you are interested in working with me on the art assets of the game, please post! This is your chance to get your name out there and possibly earn money. I can't promise money upfront, just view this as something to put into your portfolio (I'm a student myself). If possible, post some of your own art and if you can, give me a mock up of some of the UI buttons that you would find in a strategy game like Zoo Tycoon.

And if you're angry for my post, sorry!!!! Hopefully some people write back and if not, thanks for reading!! :ninja: