View Full Version : Cant remember name...

02-03-2009, 07:56 PM
Been looking all day trying to find a anime i saw a long time ago. couldn't find nothing so i started looking for forums and a little bit of help. so here i am. I cant remember much of it, was half asleep when it started goin crazy and kinda got my attention. i remember it was based on what appeared to be a young teen. i couldnt tell if they were in a big space ship, or jus some big building. there wernt much people in the bit i saw. the thing i remember most, is that they appeared to... malfunction (cant think of a better word to describe it) they would start screaming like a lot of pain, then explode. the main char started the whole process, but pulled out a shot of somethin, and it seemed to stop him from the big boom. the scene i remember most is when the main char, walked into a room with a girl, looked same age. and they were talkin for a sec, then she started that whole malfunction thing, and before blowing up, she leaned into the guy, said somethin, and kissed em. I cant remember anything after that, dunno if she went boom or not. anyone able to help me with this? any help is much appreciated.