View Full Version : Alcon - 4th-6th September 2009

01-28-2009, 05:47 PM
Hi there! The site for the convention Alcon in the UK has just been launched for 2009, so if anyone's interested please check it out! It's one hell of a friendly convention and spaces are filling up quickly!

We are delighted to announce that Alcon '09 will run on 4-6 September 2009 at De Montfort University, Leicester. Alcon is an extremely friendly, fun and wacky anime convention that always aims to provide something fresh and exciting to its attendees. At just 25 for three day entry, and just 21 per night for accommodation, we are extremely affordable!

Bolstering a dealers room, anime screenings, artist ally, roleplaying, card-gaming, video-gaming, a cosplay cafe, DDRing, events, panels and much more, there is something for everyone! So, whether you want to chill out and watch some anime, nip down to the bar and have a few drinks, party all night, or maybe just have a laugh with some friends on a video game, this convention is for you! You do not have to be a hard-core otaku to enjoy it!

Alcon exclusives such as the epic vampire v ninja v pirate battle, the Iron Artist, the video Gamers night, RPG Mashup and the Alcon Assassins will all return along with the brand new Battle of the Bands, Treasure Hunt, and the Cosplayers Auction! Of course the more traditional fare such as the Cosplay Masquerade, Pub Quiz and so on will also take place amongst many other events.

Another exclusive to Alcon is that Little Kuriboh himself will be hosting panels about his hit-internet series, Yu Gi Oh Abridged! Akemi Solloway shall also return to teach you all about Japanese Culture, while we have many more guests to announce over the next few months!

Also, for those of you who are travelling from further afield (or simply want to stay an extra day), we now offer Thursday night accommodation! But that's not all, for we will be running Thursday events as well! All the more reason to turn up a day early!

If any of this interests you then why not check out the Alcon site now on http://www.alcon.org.uk (http://www.alcon.org.uk/) Prices will increase after April 30th, and we can not guarantee places once we exceed 500 signups, so make sure to book and pay early to avoid disappointment. You can register for the convention on the website to secure your place and you won't have to pay until April 30th!