View Full Version : Dance Of The Relics

11-09-2003, 08:14 AM
In the ancient past of a world that is dying, existed a Goddess of great power and compassion who had created the planet in cooperation with her brothers. One brother created the substance of the planet and all things solid... The Goddess danced and created living creatures and flora with all the things they needed to survive... the third brother created emotion both dark and light...

Thus the world began and the Three deities seemed to be in harmony... But fate grew dark as the Youngest Brother who created emotion was himself a slave to it and allowed envy and dangerous jealously to fill his heart. He watched his lovely sister and how all her creatures adored her and paid her tribute most of all... And at last in a fit of jealous hatred stuck out at her, slaying her with a sickle of power...

The elder brother was outraged and fought a mighty battle with him. The sky and ground shook with their rage against each other and it was only with the help of the Goddess' orphaned creatures that the Dark God was vanquished unable to return in full force til the "Time of lost faith"and could only lurk in the edges of reality causing little mischief.

Only when the living creatures, creations of the Goddess, lost faith in their creator could the Dark God return to destroy all that is and was. To ensure that they did not loose their faith, the remaining God gave away his sister's possesions to different parts of the world, each piece to be held in a house of worship. He knew that mortals as some of them were, they would loose rememberence and eventually their faith.

Should the time of lost fate come, the relics could be reunited and they whom collectively rejoined them would be blessed with their power and could use that power to defeat the Dark God.

On the other hand, they could also use the relics to wage hateful war and rip apart the lands to gain power and they shall, with the Dark God, rule all of existence..............

Now has come the Time of Lost fate... Who shall reunite the Relics and Built the Shrine of Last Rememberance? Who shall save the world... or conquer it?