View Full Version : Wrestling anime Kinnikuman article featured in a UK Pro Wrestling/MMA magazine

Crossover Senshi Godaiger
12-05-2008, 12:25 PM
The Dec 4 issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine, a UK magazine that covers both Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Art events included reviews for PPVs and wrestling/MMA related games and movies featured an article that celebrates the 29th Anniversary of Kinnikuman and it's sequel Nesei aka Ultimate Muscle and I was slightly dissappointed because the article was only 2 pages, that's right :( . Still, the article had some good information for those not familar and mentioned how the manga and anime influenced the wrestling business and beyond (like the Kinnikuman/Muscle Buster or Curry Ma.... I mean Cook oh whatever), it would've been nice if they took their time to add pages to discuss certain important characters and arcs. Oh well. Better than nothing I guess:)