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11-20-2008, 10:07 AM
A while back i was here and i read a recommendation to use GIMP; I decided to see what it is. Its my first try at wallpaper editing on a whole and I started trying out GIMP. by chance i created this from two pictures i had in my collection. GIVe feedback please; also if there are any tips you can give about GIMP that would be very helpful Thank you

11-20-2008, 11:06 AM
KEwl pic
kind of blury?
i dont know, im no picture expert

11-23-2008, 12:42 PM
The extract isn't very clean, you should probably erase the yellow around the edges. Also, it's kind of small for a wallpaper.

11-23-2008, 01:27 PM
I just uploaded a basic GIMP tutorial in the onto the Editing Tips tutorials, for the most part here are the thing you should improve on.

1) The size, it's too small in either one of the dimensions.
2) Learn to make background effects and foregrounds effects.
3) Use better extraction, we have an awesome collection here on the Upload forum.
4) More effects I guess, looks far too simple and honestly boring o___O;

11-25-2008, 03:41 AM
It's nice to see someone try the way you have. There are a few flaws I'd like to point out. First off, there's the characters you used. It looks like you used the eraser tool or something to pull them out. That's not right. GIMP has this tool called "path tool" which is used for making complex selections. there are few tutorials around. Try to pick up some of those and understand how to use this tool, because it's a pretty crucial thing.
By using the path tool, you can extract your characters neatly.

Second:: Did you enlarge the characters to fit or something? That won't do at all. The image quality is pretty bad. Always try to pick out nice, clean, high quality extracts for use in wallpapers.

Next would be the background. It's...uh...really off. Jose101 knows a lot more about GIMP than I do. Maybe he can help you with backgrounds.

Lastly, the size of your wallpaper bothers me; A LOT. Wallpapers ahve a minimum size of 800x600 pixels to nearly 1600x1200 pixels and there's widescreen versions too. Never make your wallpaper smaller than 800x600. Also, save your format in PNG and not JPG/JPEG. This is because JPG gives a slight trouble with reds [or so 've heard]. It just doesn't give enough quality. So remember to save your file in PNG format the next time.

Try again with another wall. Download some resources too. deviantart.com is a great place for some GIMP brushes. You'll really need them ^^

11-27-2008, 07:36 AM
Thanks guys. I'll Definitely try again.