View Full Version : My turn to ask for help...

11-17-2008, 05:07 PM
Alright, here's the deal. I watched this a LONG LONG time ago. I'm talking at least 10-12 years ago. I rented it and watched it and I remembered the ending made me cry like a baby. Anyways, here's what I remember.

Alright, there's this guy and he's married to this woman. He goes on this journey (I can't remember what for) but I remember that during his journey he ends up captured by this lady, who then seduces him and at the end, bombs drop on his house (that has his wife still in it) and kills her.

I'm sorry it's so vague but I can't remember for the life of me anything else. I remember it was so awesome. I hope someone can recognize these very vague events in an anime movie and relay them to me, I would very much like to watch it again.