View Full Version : The Path to Enlightenment and Pain.

11-07-2008, 06:21 AM
Hey all! I plan on keeping a thread for JUST the updates on who is playing what to help keep it all straight!

THUS Far...!

I have Manhattan, SGI, GOre, and Myself, so, one more unlucky player and we will be good to go. Two if we have too.

I know what SGI wants to play, Manhattan, and Gore, which is awesome, so let me know what you are thinking. For the record, I'd like to keep all specifics private, so PC me with what you might be thinking. The less you all know about one another, the better. The generic classes I will assume would be able to be deduced by the party members slowly, and thus far consider it a learning experience. ^_^ Pc me with what you want to be, and we'll start hammering it out.