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10-22-2003, 09:33 PM
Seat of the Council, Center of Universal Commerce, Land of Peaceful prosperity and Home of Queen Klea.
Rules are as follows:

1)The Queen is the Supreme Leader of Medias Res and her word is Final. She indeed has a High Council which can bring to the table new ideas for possible rules which first needs a vote amongst them before it reaches the ears of Queen Kleos who gives a final seal of approval or veto.
2) The High Council is the supreme court of Medias Res and shall be the ears of the land, hearing cases of disputes. They are also the first to listen to law ideas... Should any of them or all of them find an idea worthy, they will champion it and propose the bill at the next meeting with the Queen whereby it either becomes Law or forgotten.
3)Members of the High Council are appointed by The Queen.

More Rules to come.... :)

10-23-2003, 09:51 PM
It seems I should remember to add some more placemats so to speak:P Thus I will be on the look out for characters to fill seats such as:

1) High Council Speaker - She/He who is responsible for addressing the entire High Council as well as the Queen. This is a choice position as the High Council speaker is trusted with handing down Imperial decrees and is also the Queen's favorite advisor and honored friend.

2) High Council Members- They who are responsible for creating bills to be ratified into law as well as offering advice and even protection to the Imperial Family. They are the force in governmental affairs and are they who are second in power only to the Monarch.

*The High Counciler of Woodland Concerns*
*The High Counciler of Scientific affairs*
*The High Counciler of Treasury*
*The High Counciler of Education*
*The High Counciler of Architectural Affairs*
*The High Counciler of Beautification*

3)First Knight - This is the Queen's Champion. A VERY important role as She/He must be wise , cunning and cautious as well as strong and skilled in all forms of combat. Being First Knight is also a very difficult life to lead because at any time the Queen can grant Her/Him the seal of power, with which Her/Him can act with the authority of the Queen until it is revoked.( The First Knight belongs to a special order of Royal knights. They are the finest fighters in all of Medias Res and at any time any of them could be chosen as First knight)

4)Conclave of Representatives - Important to Medias res as well as all the other worlds, dimensions and realms it has contact with. The Conclave is formed by a gathering of ambassadors from each place to speak on interworld politics and interworld law. Interworld conflicts are often settled here within the hallowed walls of the Conclave chambers.

5)Chatelaine and Head Steward - Keepers of the Castle. Usually a married team but occasionally just a platonic team they are entrusted with the supervision of the Royal house hold.

6)Scribes - Keepers of the Kingdom history and it's immence national library. They also occasionally serve as book keepers of commerce and new laws.

7)Merchants - Those who carry the weight of commerce in Medias Res and do much business with the other realms/worlds.

(More to come...)

10-26-2003, 10:25 PM
Major Cities of Medias Res:

1)Palatina - Capital of Medias Res, seat of Her Majesty Queen Klea, the High Council, the Royal order of Knights, the Conclave of Representatives, and center of major commerce.

2)Capitolium - City of the Royal Knights. Any new canidates granted passing by Royal decree go from Palatina to Capitolium. It is only the are and suicidal who would attack the city known as "The Capital of Fortified Strength".

3)Quirinalis - A City of Mystery, it is where the Guild of Fortunetellers/ soothsayers proudly stands.

4)Viminalis - One of the smaller Cities, it is a center of the Agricultural guild .

5) Esquiliae - a close neighbor of the capital it is often the recipiant of an overflow from Palatina. It is mostly residential and considered the "City of Hospitality", as it offers more affordable accomodations to those who have business in the Capital.

6)Caelius - The center of entertainment. This is where not only the Theatre guild resides but also it serves as a training ground and favorite city of Bards/musicians, dancers, artists any entertainers you could imagine.

7)Aventinus - A poorer city than it's neighbors, Aventinus is a popular gathering spot for those with lesser means.

8)Baiae - The Seaside resort and spa city. Extremely popular with the Elite of Medias res including most of the members of the Royal Family. Everyone loves a nice holiday.

9)Vergilius - A Small Island City which, like Baiae, is reknown for it's holiday features, yet unlike Baiae is more of a center of intellectual thought. Recently it has become an area of both popularity and even further prosperity as the Queen has professed a particular fondness for the city itself and it's cuisine.

10)Delphi - The City of the Oracle. One of the only survivors from the time of the Queen's famous Ancestor, the oracle is blessed with being able to see the future. The mysterious one is a close associate of Her Majesty's and gives what is seen in prophetic babble to be interpreted as it may. No Soothsayer/fortuneteller is allowed to live in Delphi (The Oracle finds them tiresome).

11-04-2003, 10:41 PM
Money in Medias Res
All money in Medias Res has the Queen's image and motto imprinted into it.....

1) Gold Crowns - rounded gold coins (considered the equivilant of 100 U.S. dollars per piece.)

2) Silver Crowns - rounded silver coins (Considered the Equivilant of 20 U.S. dollars per piece.) Five Silver crowns equal one Gold Crown.

3) Pounds - Rounded Bronze coins ( Considered the equivilant of 5 U.S. dollars per piece.) Four pounds equal a Silver Crown and twenty pounds equals a Gold Crown.

4)Tuppence - A small rounded Iron coin ( Considered the Equivilant of 2 U.S. dollars per piece) Two and a half Tuppence equal a Pound, Ten Tuppence equal a Silver crown and Fifty Tuppence equal a Gold Crown.

5) Pence - A small rounded Iron coin as well (Considered the Equivilant of 1 U.S. Dollar per piece) Two pence equal a tuppence, five pence equal a pound, twenty pence equal a silver crown and One hundred pence equal a Gold crown.