View Full Version : Forum RPG format advice.

09-26-2008, 02:36 PM
I guess I won't have time to start a game for another month or more. But at some point I probably will and wanted to talk about formats.

Now that standard forum RPG format is player driven freeform, where each player more or less is a demigod within their post. Having variable amounts of control over NPCs, the world, and even other PCs. This allows for a smooth cooperative story.

Anybody have any experience with other formats? Personally I've done diced RPGs on a forum (here you say what you're player tries to do and the GM has to interprit if they acheive it). But if find that it doesn't scale well. I.e. if I'm GMing for one person it works great. But I've seen people try to do five at once and it's a trainwreck.

Any other formats you've seen?