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10-15-2003, 04:03 PM
Some of you may remember this from the old AG board, since AG's back, and Halloween's coming, I've decided to write more on it :D



The only sound was an occasional cricket, or dog barking. We were Alone.

I stepped onto the porch of the old run down house. It didn’t look haunted to me. It looked like any other ordinary farmhouse. Unless you count that the windows were broken in, and the wood was cracked, and the paint on it was peeling. Who the hell would paint a house PINK anyway? Thank god most of it had peeled off. I turned behind me and looked at Rei. She was looking around nervously, and pulling at a strand of her dark brown hair. Our friends Kaas and Isamu, Were a few feet behind her, both boys were decked out with various video camera equipment. They were positive that they would catch the undead on film. Isamu wasn’t sure if he believed in this ghost nonsense, but he felt it was his duty to stand by Kaas and help him out. Besides, if they struck gold, they’d share in profits!

”Hey, Ai-Chan! Take this Tape Recorder will you? We need everyone to carry one with them!” Kaas asked.
”You guys actually believe in that crap?!” Hikaru said flipping her hair over her shoulder.
”Well I don’t know, shouldn’t we let the Baka Duo decide for themselves?” I said making ghost noises. (Y’know, like OooOoOh AaAhHhhh oOOhh?)
”I still think this is a waste of my time...” Hikaru said ascending the steps of the porch.
”What was that?!” I asked looking around.
”IT CAME FROM IN THE HOUSE!” Isamu and Kaas shouted at the same time.
“Doofus Duo… Where’s Rei?” Hikaru asked looking around.
”The doors open…” I muttered as everyone looked around shocked.
”Rei-Chan!!” Kaas shouted as he ran to the house…

Chapter One:

And promptly ran into the closed door. I started giggling insanely.
“Not THAT Door!” I said in between giggles. Isamu went to help Kaas up, because Hikaru and I were laughing too hard.
”Aaaaahhh! Back away! BACK AWAY!!!” Kaas cried as Isamu stood over him, to help him up.
“What?! Is there a snake?!” Isamu asked dancing around and looking beneath his feet.
”You’re wearing a dress!” Kaas accused, standing up on his own and pointing to Isamu’s neon pink leotards and tutu.
“I’m not wearing a dress!”
”Then what do you call that?!” I asked.
“Pants!” Isamu proclaimed happily.
”…Those aren’t pants...” I said.
”Then what are they?” He asked.
”Gee, maybe a TUTU AND A FRICKING LEOTARD” Hikaru shouted.
”But they’re pants!” Isamu said helplessly as Hikaru started hitting him violently.
”Hey, this is fun and all but...” I started.
”But what?” Kaas asked as he started filming poor Isamu being attacked by Hikaru.
”But aren’t we supposed to go find Rei?”
”OH YEAH” Hikaru said, ignoring Isamu and skipping into the house.
”Hey! It’s kinda dark in here!” She complained.
”Let Isamu in! His white legs will guide us with an unbearable light!” I said pushing Isamu into the house.
Suddenly, Angels were singing, and Isamu, clad in the purest white legs, shone as brightly as ever…
“Alright Alright! We get the damn point!” Kaas said slapping the angel’s around till they stopped their damn singing. “God, they never shut up do they...?” Suddenly... there was a creak on the porch. And being that we were all in the house… We spun around and faced the door… a shadow was cast across the threshold, and it was none other than…

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*missed* Especially Hikaru...

Cloud Strife
10-15-2003, 06:41 PM
i want a pink house! ^_^ excellent story though.

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I miss her too! And Issy.

I'll probally have to add new members in this huh?

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