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08-12-2008, 02:38 AM
Hooray for first-person narrations. \o/


I’m not one for journals to be honest. I think they’re too much work, they’re pretty much a waste of time and if anyone were to read them, the writer’s privacy would be severely compromised. I don’t want that.

And yet here I am, type type typing away in a journal of my own. Makes you wonder why huh? Nah, you probably don’t. Computers don’t “wonder” now do they? I could type “I dance naked on rooftops, singing the chimney song from Mary Poppins, on my day off” and you would hardly bat an eyelid. Or blink an LED, whatever it is laptops would theoretically bat if you guys ever had the capability.

But enough of these silly ramblings; let’s go on to the whole point, nay, the whole existence of this journal of sorts. As you probably well know by now, (what with all those documents labeled “Teaching Plan 200sumthng” in your hard drive) I’m a professor. And not just any professor, no sir. I am a professor at the prestigious Akenhart University of Flunel. What makes it so prestigious you ask (or you should ask you silly old laptop)? Hm… Maybe because it’s made up? Yeah… that’s probably why. If it’s made up, I can make it be anything. One of the best things about fiction is that it can pretty much all be made up.

Seriously though, I really am a professor at a University. It’s a pretty small university, what with it being on a pretty small island and all, but it’s still a good university. We have, I’d say, around 6,000 students enrolled at any one time and our graduates do well for themselves, if I do say so myself. And why shouldn’t they? Our university has the best minds of the country as part of its faculty and our facilities are all up to date with global standards. We might be on an island but that’s no excuse for not teaching our nation’s future how to compete effectively with the rest of the world.
Normally, every school year goes by smoothly and there aren’t that many massive disturbances. The rainy season comes; students file in. The dry season; we let them out for a little break from academia. That’s how it’s been ever since the university had been founded about sixty years ago and, normally, that’s how it should always be.

Pay close attention to that word, “normally”. We’re going to leave that word behind in a few sentences and, until I finish with this journal, whenever that may be, we will not speak of it again.

You see, if this year had started “normally,” then I wouldn’t be typing a journal. But here I am, explaining myself to an inanimate object. This is a big, BIG, sign that the start of the year had been anything but “normal”.

In fact, the start of the year had been very abnormal. It was exactly 8:15 and I was in middle of my introductions when, just as I was about to deliver the punch line, (“I’m a frayed knot!” Much amusement would surely have been had by all) Student 15 spontaneously combusted in her seat.



I enjoy randomness. xD

08-21-2008, 04:03 AM
LOL Oh KuroTan, this was pretty amusing. I like the way you've characterized your professor, he seems to be a pretty average guy in a weird situation. I like the humor you have employed here, onomatopoeia works well at the end. And, I suppose that his classes are rather large enough to require numbering students, yes? Or is that because it was the first day?

Either way, I didn't find any grammatical, syntax, or spelling errors. Good job.