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08-11-2008, 10:24 PM
Manga review : Ares

Bibliographic notes :
KUM CHEL, Ryu. Ares(떠돌이 용병 아레스), BB Comics, 26 volumes, Korea, 2001-07

Type: Manhwa
Genre: Action, Adventure, Shounen,

Plot synopsis

We are in a fictive world in a country called Chronos or Cronos. The story is about a mercener named Ares and his friends (Micheal and Baroona, pincipaly) who are in a mercenary organisation: The Merceners of Tample. They travel all over the country to fulfill missions, they are over-skilled for their age(18, well they look like 12) and they have huge impact on the community toward the country. In this manhwa, we are the witnesses of splendid battles and great treasons which mark the history of Cronos and also the history of this fictive world. The story takes place in an era similar to that of ancient Rome that's why some consider it as a historical manhwa (well, I don't).

Story (8/10)

The story is nice. If you love action, you'll love it. I believe that the manhwaga have successfully integrated what readers await from an adventures manhwa : a great travel towards different places, with great meetings and action; fulfilled with peripeteias.

Characters (9/10)

Well, they are great. Their respective comportmental characteristics make this manhwa better than ever. Ares, a childish person who do stupid things all the time, Micheal, a serious character who is the opposite of Ares and Boroona, a good friend who is smarter than it appears. Well, the mixture of these characters sticked together are great.

Art/animation (7/10)

Ryu is a great artist. Well, I think that the drawings are, in quality, excellent. He keeps the american cartoon style in his drawings and he doesn't go all over the page as mangakas usually do.

Overall (8.5/10)

As you can see, I love it. I read it in korean, and I just fell in love with that manhwa. Usually, I used to love more mangas than manhwas but in this case, Ares is surpassing many adventures mangas on the market.

Sorry for my english, well, I'm a french-speaking person, so please, be nice with me !

To read it, buy it in Korea or type Ares in google. Well they are not published in english for the moment but some english scans fansub exist (kmts group for example). Good reading !

reviewed by altoxxi
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